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Best Free Website Builder in 2020

Building a website is often no easy task, but it should be. Moreover, if you want to build a really top-notch website that has maximum functionality, speed, responsiveness, features, and also looks great, you often have to pay a good amount to get it all up and running. There is also the fact that you can hire others to do the job for you, but of course, that really adds to the expense.

Today, we want to discuss some of the best available free website builders. These are website builders that won’t cost anything to use, yet can actually help you create really good looking and functional websites (don’t forget, you’ll need a web hosting service too). Let’s take a look at the best options out there right now.


One of the most popular free website builders out there right now is Weebly. What you need to know is that there are paid plans available, but there is also a free basic plan that won’t cost you anything. In terms of the plan, it is the best free plan among all free website builders.

What is impressive about Weebly is that it comes complete with a solid subdomain, it features unlimited bandwidth, and there are some basic e-commerce features included as well. This is the only free website builder which offers unlimited bandwidth.

Moreover, when it comes to free website builders, it offers the most highly functional e-commerce system. Now, there are some ads that scroll down the website, but this is usually the case with all free website builders. However, something that does stand out about Weebly is that it is also one of the easiest and most user-friendly free website builders out there, if not the very easiest of all.


Strikingly is another of the best free website builders at this time. Something that you need to know about Strikingly is that its designed to build one-page websites, and it does this very well. That said, you can build multiple page websites with it, but in this sense, the functionality is not the best.

Strikingly comes with an ad that scrolls along with the site as people move through it, but this is the case with pretty much all free site builders. What is very nice about Strikingly is that it is exceedingly easy to use, something that everybody should be able to appreciate. You really don’t need any technical skills to use this particular website builder.

Also, Strikingly is one of the only free website builders that comes complete with e-commerce features, although these features are not overly amazing. The other impressive aspect of Strikingly is that if offers 5 GB of bandwidth, which for a free site builder is pretty good.


Yet another great free website builder, Ucraft is hugely popular for one main reason — you can use your own custom domain name, which is more or less unheard of with a free site builder. This alone is usually enough to attract many people, but yes, there’s more still. If you don’t want to use your own domain, Ucraft also provides free solid domains as well.

In terms of pages, what is super impressive about Ucraft is that you get to make unlimited pages with it, something else that most other options don’t come with. What is also pretty great about Ucraft is that it is quite user-friendly, as you don’t require any technical expertise to use it. That said, bandwidth, speed, performance, and functionality of the sites are all somewhat limited, plus there’s a fairly intrusive scroll ad that all visitors will see.


The next free website builder worth mentioning is XPRS, which has one defining feature which alone makes it worth talking about — XPRS has no ads on the website. That is right — no ads on the site, and that’s a big deal.

What you might also like about XPRS is that it comes with a lot of really good-looking themes, plus there is quite a bit of customization that can be done as well. Moreover, bandwidth allowances, speed, and functionality are not too bad. However, the big downside with XPRS is that the control panel, the thing you use to actually build your site, takes time to learn and is not very easy to use.

Google Sites

The final free website builder worth talking about is Google Sites, which is so free that it does not even offer paid plans. However, that said, something you need to keep in mind about Google Sites is that it’s not the best for small businesses, as it’s more of a way to connect Google services. All of the elements, or most of them, which you use to build your site are all Google products.

A great part about Google Sites is that you can add your own domain, but this does require some technical know-how. So, while Google Sites is not the best for small businesses, it is a decent option for some people, nonetheless.


As you can see, there are plenty of great free website builders around and you just have to choose the one which seems best for your purposes. Always remember to check the features of each website builder, just so you know that it comes with everything you need to get your site up and running the way you want it to. Moreover, also remember to check that there are no hidden fees, because some companies are not above trying to pull a quick one over on you.

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