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The 7 Most Deadly Mistakes In Website Design not to repeat

The 7 Most Deadly Mistakes In Website Design not to repeat

Many designers while creating a standard website makes some mistakes which are unknown to them. here, we update you with some common mistakes that can be be improved to make your website a unique and professional one; Poor Navigation One of the big mistake is that many websites has bad standards for navigation. Users feel


5 Web Design Myths You Can’t Miss to Watch in 2014

The web design industry keeps on getting evolved with each year, and without a second thought we start implementing all the latest trends in our website. But you can go blind-fold and believe in everything that you read on the Internet. A lot of words and saying about the web design trends might not be useful to you. I’m not saying that all the web trends available online are incorrect, what am trying to say is that we usually believe in anything that we read online (image via shutterstock).


Why Security Is An Integral Part of Web Design? useful tips

On June 2nd, Apple held their annual developer event called WWDC which stands for World Wide Developer Conference. There was no new hardware presented. There were no consumer-facing software releases. Yet the developer-focused announcements were a promise of exciting changes in Appleā€™s consumer product line. Many of those changes were centered around design, something that Apple typically does quite well. Another thing at which Apple tends to excel is security. It is no accident that when Apple makes a big leap in one, it is generally accompanied by the other.