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Amazing Graphic Design Examples in Web Designs

Amazing Graphic Design Examples in Web Designs

Pictorial representations or the Visual illustrations have been a substantial part of human society since ages. You know that the first known visual communication, with pictographs and symbols were found in the Lascaux caves in southern France during 15,000 – 10,000 BC. As a picture can say thousand words so with the evolution of Internet


20 Creative Gaming Websites for Design Inspiration

Games are interesting topic of discussion; people love to play games, no matter of age group. Gaming industry has become one of the most grossing industries; gaming market share is increasing positively. Now come to the designers’ community, designers also making creative and beautiful website designs for gaming purpose. There are many featured gaming websites which attract visitors and convert them into customers. This is the ultimate goal of a website design. Every designer needs an inspiration source, designers try to get it from anywhere, but finding a perfect inspiration source is very tuff either.

Gaming Websites

Life According to Sam

Websites with Blurred Images for your Inspiration

Apart from full screen images one more thing which is quite in trend these days is the blurred effects in the images. Purpose of such concept is to focus at a particular area keeping everything else blurred. I understand, choosing a blurred image for a website is not something which interests many of you including me but this is how trends change. I was one of those who used to think that an inexperienced photographer can only take blurred pictures. But evolution, innovation and creativity have no boundaries.

Blurred Image Websites

Stefan Ivanov

How Minimal Website Designs are Popular among Designers

We know that today’s web design and development is seeing its golden era and people with all those creative genius talent in them are creating marvelous master pieces in the form of web designs. We love those pieces of art and appreciate them but I am not going to talk about those fancy web designs here, rather I am going to pick the stuff on the other side; minimalistic designs. More is less or less is more whatever way you understand it; in simple terms a minimal website design is the design from which you can’t remove even a bit of it without disturbing its proper functionality. Not clear? Let me elaborate it for you here; when a web designer reduces a design to its bare minimum essential components which are essentially required for the intended functioning of the website, we call it a minimal design.

Popular Minimal Website Designs

Jan Mense

Best Responsive Web designs in Yellow Colors for Inspiration

One day someone asked my daughter, “What is your favorite color?” To my big surprise she said now it is Yellow. She is 11, and I correctly remember that when she was much younger she used to love everything pink or purple. Out of my curiosity I asked, “Why do you like yellow?” and the reply just amazed me. She said, “It is the color of mighty Sun”. Bingo! For her yellow was the symbol of power, light and life. Well this was my daughter but I am sure many of you reading this post like this beautiful color named Yellow.

Best Yellow Responsive Web designs


Beautiful Showcase of Websites featuring Large Photo

Large photo background websites are always appealing for the visitors. Mostly for the photographers to make their portfolio more attractive and eye catching, it is obvious to use large photo in the background. Website featuring large photo catches more eyes in comparison of normal textual websites. There are more advanced technologies like jQuery and Silverlight which reduce response time of your website featuring large photo background. So it would not be hectic using large photo as your website background..

Largo Background Websites


30 Websites Featuring Beautiful Icon Sets on Home Page

Home page on a website is the most important page where a visitor finds all sort of summary of that website. Mostly on home page you will get an image slider scrolling latest blog posts or featured items of that site. In another section of home page, there are some icons which show off details of services or advantages of a service. In today’s article we will focus on these beautiful icon sets used to detail some summary of products or other important information.

big icon webdesigns

The Internship

30 Creatively Designed Movie Websites for Inspiration

Movie lovers always anticipated for the upcoming movies to watch, but the most eager state come, when the site of the new movie launch for the viewers. It is huge responsibility, for the movie website designers, is to make a perfect website focusing on the topic or the movie. Now it’s now become trend to have website before releasing movie, it helps to create huge fan following and buzz about the movie. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say, movie website plays a crucial role in the success and failure or a film.

movie posters 2013