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2015 Use of Green Color in Web Designs to follow

Web Designing is more than just fixing some patterns together to build a website. The designer must also have a certain amount of creativity and think in a way which most people call ‘out of the box’.

Designing to perfection is important and so is choosing the right colors. Building up the perfect palette of colors is not just difficult but it is also largely time consuming. Although we might decide upon a specific set of colors, blending them together becomes another major task. It is naturally difficult for a designer to choose the right colors with an array of colors to choose from.

Green Colour Websites


What Good is Typography? Tips for Graphic and Web Designers

In the same way that society and civilization is constantly changing and evolving, so too are the thousands of professions available in the world. If you were to look at a list of professions from a century ago, it wouldn’t be difficult to pick out any number that no longer exist. But just as some professions become obsolete with the advance of technology, other professions are created. Graphic design is just one of many professions that didn’t exist a half century ago. And within the profession of graphic design, particular specialties have developed as well. Typography is just one of those specialties.


5 Web Design Myths You Can’t Miss to Watch in 2014

The web design industry keeps on getting evolved with each year, and without a second thought we start implementing all the latest trends in our website. But you can go blind-fold and believe in everything that you read on the Internet. A lot of words and saying about the web design trends might not be useful to you. I’m not saying that all the web trends available online are incorrect, what am trying to say is that we usually believe in anything that we read online (image via shutterstock).


Why Security Is An Integral Part of Web Design? useful tips

On June 2nd, Apple held their annual developer event called WWDC which stands for World Wide Developer Conference. There was no new hardware presented. There were no consumer-facing software releases. Yet the developer-focused announcements were a promise of exciting changes in Apple’s consumer product line. Many of those changes were centered around design, something that Apple typically does quite well. Another thing at which Apple tends to excel is security. It is no accident that when Apple makes a big leap in one, it is generally accompanied by the other.

Designers and Artists: Tips Selling your Art or Illustrations Online

As society becomes more visual, the need for illustrations, photos and artwork is a growing field especially on the web. Commerce, news, blogs and many other sites need stock illustrations to fill out what would otherwise be a sea of text. Also companies with business websites are in need of expert illustrators and artists to help present their ideas and products online to meet their goals and branding needs. But being a freelance illustrator or artist is not as easy as just putting some samples on the web and hoping prospective clients see your work. It takes planning and effort, but the work can be worth it when your art is featured online.

Artist Portfolio and Artworks


20 Creative Gaming Websites for Design Inspiration

Games are interesting topic of discussion; people love to play games, no matter of age group. Gaming industry has become one of the most grossing industries; gaming market share is increasing positively. Now come to the designers’ community, designers also making creative and beautiful website designs for gaming purpose. There are many featured gaming websites which attract visitors and convert them into customers. This is the ultimate goal of a website design. Every designer needs an inspiration source, designers try to get it from anywhere, but finding a perfect inspiration source is very tuff either.

Gaming Websites