How Minimal Website Designs are Popular among Designers

We know that today’s web design and development is seeing its golden era and people with all those creative genius talent in them are creating marvelous master pieces in the form of web designs. We love those pieces of art and appreciate them but I am not going to talk about those fancy web designs here, rather I am going to pick the stuff on the other side; minimalistic designs. More is less or less is more whatever way you understand it; in simple terms a minimal website design is the design from which you can’t remove even a bit of it without disturbing its proper functionality. Not clear? Let me elaborate it for you here; when a web designer reduces a design to its bare minimum essential components which are essentially required for the intended functioning of the website, we call it a minimal design.

Popular Minimal Website Designs


Best Responsive Web designs in Yellow Colors for Inspiration

One day someone asked my daughter, “What is your favorite color?” To my big surprise she said now it is Yellow. She is 11, and I correctly remember that when she was much younger she used to love everything pink or purple. Out of my curiosity I asked, “Why do you like yellow?” and the reply just amazed me. She said, “It is the color of mighty Sun”. Bingo! For her yellow was the symbol of power, light and life. Well this was my daughter but I am sure many of you reading this post like this beautiful color named Yellow.

Best Yellow Responsive Web designs


Freelancer Designers vs. Traditional Designers

Our parents have worked in an environment where working meant to go out and perform your job somewhere outside your house. It could be a shop, office, school or anywhere but home and that too in proper time schedules. Now we see one more kind of work force who works as per their schedules and their preferred locations which can be home as well.

freelance designers


Must-Have Mobile Website Design Features Every Ecommerce Site Needs

Building an eCommerce website is important, but often the mobile customers are overlooked in the process. It’s important that you build a mobile ecommerce site that is as engaging and unique as your standard website. While the mobile version is simpler, it still sends across the same message and gives mobile users the ability to perform just as much on a smaller screen. When you’re designing your mobile eCommerce site or looking for the perfect template, make sure you incorporate these must-have features for the optimum design.

Mobile Website Design Features


Cool Mobile App Landing Pages to Boost Mobile Traffic

With the entry of smartphones the business via mobiles has boomed up. People are using their phones for shopping, getting services etc. from anywhere and anytime. This ease of order has attracted business owners and hence marketing via phones has grown up drastically in last few years. It has been seen that spending via smartphones and tablets has been increased to 150% in just one year. It clearly indicates that mobile commerce has huge potential and a promised substantial growth in future.

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