Free Spring Wallpaper HD for Desktop (1.1)

50 Free Spring Wallpaper HD for Desktop

Spring season is described as the loveliest season of the year. It is the time period that transits between the winter and summer season. Winter season is gloomy and depressing. It takes away all the happiness and colors of the life. Spring season brings in that freshness, brightness and colors back to our life. It

Jessica Biel

Ultimate collection of celebrities pencil art [75 drawings]

It’s hard to belive but all these beautiful pictures are not photos but pencil drawings. In the following Celebrities Pencil Artwork below you will see how artists used only pencil to create these masterpieces. Pencil drawings or Pencil Artwork is one of the oldest forms of art that is using different type of pencil that

Google Cardboard Apps and Instructions1.2

Latest 10 Google Cardboard Apps and Instructions

We click number of images every day. Round the world with the help of smartphones cum cell phones various images, selfies, Pictures are being clicked. Each one of us desperately wants to give a real like effect to the pictures images saved in our cell phones. Now, we can experience this virtual reality on our

Infrared 5

25+ Extra-ordinary Examples Of Infrared Photography

Infrared Photography also called “IR photography” is that genre of photography where the image sensor used is totally sensitive to the infrared lights. The wavelengths used for infrared photography range from about seven hundred nano-meters to nine hundred nano-meters. The part of infrared light spectrum ( a portion of electromagnetic spectrum) which is the host-name

oil 30

20+ Breath-Taking Examples Of Oil Painting

Painting, an artwork genre, is a practice of applying paint colors, oils, pigments or other mediums to a support base or a surface. These mediums are mainly applied with the help of brushes, palette knives, sponges or any other tool. The surface for painting can be a wall, cardboard, paper, wood clay and panel, glass,


10 Great Reasons To Become A Web Designer

You’re ready to change your life for the better, and you know that doing this starts with changing your mind. But there’s more to changing your mind than a cultivating a positive attitude, a set of proven success principles, and proactive habits. It’s also about changing what you know and learning new skills. It’s a