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25 Beautiful WordPress Website Designs for Inspiration

WordPress website is well known for content management, eCommerce website, and most commonly blog. But there is another world of WordPress, which is around its theme, WordPress themes are very powerful option provides along with WordPress CMS. It enabled you to customize the design of your website without changing the contents and data. You can change the whole theme using style sheet editor and WordPress editor available in the admin section of the WordPress powered websites.

Wordpress Websites

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20 ‘Error 404 Not Found’ Page Designs

‘Error 404 not found’ refers to a page which is shown when a visitor tries to open a page that doesn’t exist onto that website. It’s very good to redirect your visitors to an attractive designed page instead of showing them an annoying text message. ‘Error 404 not found’ page design means a lot to the website owners. It helps you to keep engage your visitors with your website; visitors prefer to go onto another page after facing not found encounter. But this scenario gets worst when visitor get an error message instead of ‘error 404 not found’ page.

Error 404 Page

40 Beautiful Mixture of HD wallpapers

We all love free wallpapers and backgrounds, which are always a big source of inspiration for everybody to boost your energies, creativity and imaginations for hectic 9 to 5 office life. It is summer and everybody is planning vacation to far far exotic lands, or just want to see something nice or holiday makers searching holiday destinations we have gathered 40 Beautiful Mixture of HD wallpapers that will change your mode.

HD Wallpapers

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30 Imaginary Digital Art Based Gaming and Science Fiction Characters

Science fiction and imagination have very deadly combination. Mostly, kids and tech savvy persons love to see these sci-fi stuffs like Hollywood movies, digital arts etc. Our Hollywood is popular for these kinds of science fictions; dozens of such movies are released every year for the special segment of people who love science fiction. Have you forgotten Harry Potter? Not only movie but the novel series was a huge hit. Digital artists have very important role to create these imaginary characters by just reading out books. Today’s article is dedicated to those digital artists who have done outstanding work in science fiction and their art pieces.

Digital Art

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25 Creative Newsletter Designs for Inspiration

The most difficult task for a service provider is keep engaging their customer with the latest services. It’s unusual, contacting them every time individually, the most effective way is mailing list. Yes! Email is the most effective medium to get update for services and product launch. Most of the company use email newsletter to let their customer updated with their services. For the same, they need to be stylish to attract the visitors, so email newsletter designs are very crucial. You must be aware of actual need and related design of your newsletter. Email newsletter is very effective medium to access user’s inbox with attractive design aspect.

Newsletter designs


Free WordPress Themes for Your Website Need

Free WordPress themes are the hottest search topic over the internet. Well, everyday thousands of websites are being launched and everyone wants its website unique and beautiful. Wordpress makes it possible for you with its easy to use interface and CMS design. You will feel better and secure with your website data with Wordpress website. The most prominent feature of Wordpress is WordPress Theme; you can change the shell of your website without modifying your data a little bit. Wordpress theme gives you compatibility to modify the design and color scheme of your website within seconds. You just need to install already available free Wordpress themes and activate these from your admin panel.

Wordpress Themes


20 Creative Infographics & Statistics Design

Content is king – this is the most famous phrase on internet. It is used to decide the success and popularity of your website. Moreover, there are total three factors which decide the popularity of a website – content, design and functionality. At first sight, your website design might attract the visitors but it would be impossible to keep engage them with poor content and functionality. Mostly visitors love to get viral content for more update and knowledge, so it depends upon you, how you represent your content to the visitors. It becomes more challenging if your content is boring statistics or numbers. Visitors will not like to read out textual matter for long, you can solve out this situation with the help of information graphics or infographic.

infographics statics designs


Web Design Inspiration of Full Screen Backgrounds

Full screen background is latest trend to show off portfolio websites or blogs. Large photographic backgrounds give a unique and decent look to present contents of your website. If your blog has less content to present then large background plays a vital role to make it beautiful and traffic savvy to attract community people. Full screen backgrounds are eye pleasing and easy to understand and plays an important role to create market for hotels, salon, photographers, artists and many others products. These types of websites help you to create lower bounce rate due to attractive design and color combinations.

Portrait Wallpapers