Essential Mobile Apps for Photographers (1)

Top 20 Essential Mobile Apps for Photographers

The smart phone world had revolutionized the world. With coming up of photographic apps to the market, the modern photography had also been revolutionized. The new apps had added a new flavor to the photography. Now you can create wonders with your photograph using these fine apps on your photographs or for clicking fine photographs. If you are a photography freak then here are some of the best mobile apps for photographers to create awesome photographs.

Essential Mobile Apps for Photographers

Best Freebies for Web designers (1)

Best 25+ Freebies for Web designers in 2014

Web designers are generally expert in designing. For good designing they require free and premium tools to create an awesome design. They can save their lot of time in coding by using these tools. Many of these tools are available over the internet for free. If you are a web designer and require a list of freebies then you will find the best freebies for web designers in this article. These freebies are helpful in changing the overall texture, web templates, fonts, shapes, icons etc. of website or in image.

Best Freebies for Web designers

Best Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress (1)

20 Best Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress

The introduction of social network like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc, to the web in past few years had revolutionized the websites and most of the website owners are now using social media as one of the widely used mediums for promoting their website on web. People are joining internet everyday and most of them are using social networks. So, these website owners are keen to share and promote their website on social networks in order to reach maximum people. WordPress, which is one of the best platforms for blogging and web designing, offers its user with flexibility to add social media buttons anywhere on the website to involve people visiting their websites in social media interaction and offer them chance to share the website content, if they like it. So here is the list of 20 best social sharing plugins for WordPress.

Best Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress

Fell Swoop

White Color Websites Inspiration for the Web Designers

A color that calms one’s soul, a color that reflects elegance. Yes, we are talking about the most elegant and sophisticated color that is quite frequently used by popular web designers. White, is that peaceful and simply clean color, which successfully delivers the message of absolute purity and positivism. Nothing can go wrong when you use white. The color has a certain amount of positivism which is so contagious that people cannot possibly perceive it as something dark and unholy!

White Color Websites

25+ Great Examples of Creative Package Designs

Packaging is something we’re shelled with consistently. So making an eye-discovering packaging design that could be duplicated for a long time is a true test, particularly with numerous organizations now needing to make biodegradable or renewable packaging. Presently more than at any time in the past, packaging design matters. The designs beneath show the heading in which numerous distinctive businesses are centering their packaging design for a considerable length of time to come.

Creative Package Designs