How to get the best jobs in graphic design

A career in graphic design is something many people might feel they aren’t capable of achieving, but this isn’t the case at all. The availability of accredited educational courses from reputable institutions is there for all to see, so if you’re feeling like a frustrated designer now is the time to start making enquiries.

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20 Brilliant Examples of Graffiti Art

Graffiti art is considered as one of the most famous and one of the oldest types of art. Graffiti art commonly know as wall art can be found everywhere though slogans and statements vary from country to country. Here have a look at these exceptional graffiti art pieces designed by professional and amateur artists. The pictures have been taken in different countries and have been created by appreciable efforts. Take a look and share your views in the comments section.

Griffiti Artwork


5 Basic Typography Terms Every Beginner Should Know

No matter how many things you know about typography, if you are not aware of these basic terms then you cannot be called a typographer. Typography is getting popular these days and its importance cannot be neglected. You need to do typography in several places such as logos, content, posters, print ads and web designs. You definitely need to have a strong command on typography basics in order to design well. Typography is basically an art of putting feelings in text. It gives you a chance to show your creativity and it is said that creativity has no limits.

typography tips and terms


6 Tips for Designing Attractive Call-to-Action Buttons

Call to Action commonly known as CTA is a term belonging to marketing which is often used to explain an image, banner, text or button. The aim of a call to action is to make the user click on it quickly and turn his search into a transactional search. In order to design call to action buttons elegantly and make them attractive, I’ll explain some tips but before that here is the actual purpose of call to action buttons(image via shutterstock):

call to action buttons


30 Amazing Doodles for Inspiration

Doodles are the hand drawn art works done by the designers. These are the most popular art form among designers of all kinds; doodles can be used within web design, business cards, posters, cool backgrounds etc. So, getting proper doodle design can be somehow fruitful for you, if you are working on various design projects. Following 30 doodles are the great inspiration for you to design your own doodle effectively; you might consider these design patterns for learning about doodle design.

doodle artworks