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Best Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress (1)

20 Best Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress

The introduction of social network like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc, to the web in past few years had revolutionized the websites and most of the website owners are now using social media as one of the widely used mediums for promoting their website on web. People are joining internet everyday and most of them are using social networks. So, these website owners are keen to share and promote their website on social networks in order to reach maximum people. WordPress, which is one of the best platforms for blogging and web designing, offers its user with flexibility to add social media buttons anywhere on the website to involve people visiting their websites in social media interaction and offer them chance to share the website content, if they like it. So here is the list of 20 best social sharing plugins for WordPress.

Best Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress

20 WordPress Cherry Framework Themes

When you launch a new website or plan a redesign of your old one, the goals are simple. You want it to be fast, user-friendly, great-looking, and functional. Plus, it shouldn’t cost too much. With an open-source content management system and an attractively priced design theme for it, you can cover all bases.

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Carlos Molina

20 Beautiful WordPress Websites featuring Black & White Photography

Black & white photography always attracts people the most. With extra soberness and clarity, black & white photography is not only favors to photographers but the viewers also. The most common and revealing fact about black & white photography is – it uses two tones and increase the elegance of the actual photographs with details increment. Website designers also get attracted towards black & white photography, there are many website themes featuring black & white photographs either as background or as a whole theme..

Black and White Photography themes

Fusion WP Theme

25 Free WordPress Themes Best Suitable for Technology Genre

Technology related websites are the most visible entities over internet. There are thousands of technology blogs helping out people to get rid of their tech related problems. There are many support desks to solve your tech systems’ problems. Counting WordPress combine with technology, you won’t get surprise with the available count of WordPress themes best suitable for technology. Internet is incomplete in true sense if technology genre is counted out, what if you shall not find websites of famous technology running companies like Microsoft, Apple & Nokia.

Wordpress Technology Themes

Orange Wordpress Theme

25 Inspirational 3-Column WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are the most important part of the CMS; it gives you the capability to change the look n feel of your blogs without modifying the data of the website. You don’t need to be specialized in website designing for changing the design of your WordPress theme. Just download the desired theme out of millions available already on to internet and install it from using your WordPress admin section.

3-Column WordPress Themes

Paradigm Wordpress Theme

30 Fresh WordPress Themes of Year 2013

Fresh WordPress themes are the hottest topic on the internet. Everyone waits for the fresh WordPress themes for their blogs. Thousands of new blogs are being launched every month and each of them requires WordPress theme. So within regular interval, WordPress developers launch fresh WordPress themes for free download and some of them charge few bucks for their premium WordPress themes. As we all know WordPress interface and its features are unavoidable, that’s why it is the best CMS according to the blogger’s community.

Wordpress Themes 2013

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25 Beautiful WordPress Website Designs for Inspiration

WordPress website is well known for content management, eCommerce website, and most commonly blog. But there is another world of WordPress, which is around its theme, WordPress themes are very powerful option provides along with WordPress CMS. It enabled you to customize the design of your website without changing the contents and data. You can change the whole theme using style sheet editor and WordPress editor available in the admin section of the WordPress powered websites.

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