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25 Superb Fonts For Mobile Apps and website Developers

25 Superb Fonts For Mobile Apps and website Developers

Some says a website must be well-designed, some says it must be attractive and responsive one or other says it must be simple and speedy one. But the main fact is that, a professional website becomes a unique one only after applying different brilliant and astonishing font styles. To make a website appears pretty and

Party Flyer Free PSD

25 Creative & Free Flyer PSD Templates

Flyer PSD Templates are the efficient way to provide the advertising medium to the service providers. The most effectively you can use flyer as invitation as well, mostly party organizers and club houses use these flyers. Reason behind using these flyers is the cost efficiency. Flyers are recognizes the cheapest advertising medium, because these are

Google Cardboard Apps and Instructions1.2

Latest 10 Google Cardboard Apps and Instructions

We click number of images every day. Round the world with the help of smartphones cum cell phones various images, selfies, Pictures are being clicked. Each one of us desperately wants to give a real like effect to the pictures images saved in our cell phones. Now, we can experience this virtual reality on our

Best apps for Windows Phone (8)

Ten Best apps for Windows Phone: 2015

When mobile phone was launched with Windows as operating system at that time it was difficult stage for Windows Operating phone. There were not many applications available in the market for these phones. But now scenario has completely changed and Windows has started taking part of the market. So, we are going to discuss the


20 Responsive Landing Page Templates in HTML5/CSS3

Landing page can be useful to promote your apps, business, services, and any kind of products which you want to spread globally with less effort. Landing page design combine with HTML5/CSS3 makes it more responsive and attractive to its visitors. HTML5/CSS3 in current time is the most used and popular web scripting and styling combination. Most of the web developers have adopted these and many are trying to be master in it.

HTML5 Responsive templates


20 Must have Google Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Google chrome extensions are the easiest way to get functionality of any web services without visiting websites. This saves time and increase the productivity of workers. Google chrome extensions are handy tools designed to give chrome users an easy way to do their work and keep updated with the latest information. For web developers, Google chrome extensions play a major role to get help for their development work.

Google Chrome Extensions

Blue login box

Beautiful Login Form PSD Files to Catch Visitor Attention

Login form PSD files are used to create beautiful login pages for websites. Web design resources are very rare and tough to get the proper design for your website. Login form must be simple at design end so that your users can interact with your site easily, while on other hand it must be powerful for security concern. Well, let the security issue for the coders, here we would talk about responsive login form designs.

Login Form PSD files