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40 Brilliant Examples Of New Born Baby Photography

40 Brilliant Examples Of New Born Baby Photography

Having a cute baby at home is a very wonderful as it is the most happiest time of one’s life. Many parents not even capture a single photograph of their child in their entire life and when they realize its importance, that special moment has gone long before. New born babies makes the parents feel


Stunning Conceptual Photography and Retouch-up By Daniel Ilinca: 50 Photos

Daniel Ilinca is a Romanian photographer as well as he is  a Photo manipulation artist. He is mostly known by his amazing working and photo retouching workshops. He is well famous and talented photographer and grew up in Valcea, Romania. He had done many photography and retouchup campaigns which can be viewed in detail on his various

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25+ Extra-ordinary Examples Of Infrared Photography

Infrared Photography also called “IR photography” is that genre of photography where the image sensor used is totally sensitive to the infrared lights. The wavelengths used for infrared photography range from about seven hundred nano-meters to nine hundred nano-meters. The part of infrared light spectrum ( a portion of electromagnetic spectrum) which is the host-name

Sexy Classic Portraits Photography Examples (51)

50 Sexy Classic Portraits Photography Examples

Photography is a vast area where there have been many innovations for so many years. The major element that makes the difference in the classical portraits is the different poses. The postures also differ on the type of poses and the different condition of life. There are altogether basic styles in the classical photography world

Couple Photography Perfect Moments must be Captured (1)

Couple Photography: Perfect Moments must be Captured

If you are a couple’s photographer and have a lot of work to do with the couple, who want the marvelous photographs posing in different styles, then you might run out of the ideas for different poses. The uniqueness of photos must be your guarantee to your customer. You need to click the photographs in different poses to bring variety in couple photography. There are several ways in which you can click romantic and unique photographs of the couples at your studio or at any other place.

Couple Photography Perfect Moments must be Captured