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20+ Breath-Taking Examples Of Oil Painting

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Painting, an artwork genre, is a practice of applying paint colors, oils, pigments or other mediums to a support base or a surface. These mediums are mainly applied with the help of brushes, palette knives, sponges or any other tool. The surface for painting can be a wall, cardboard, paper,...

60 Peacock Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

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Peacock Tattoo Designs For Men And Women (49)

If you thought peacocks look good strutting their tuft of feathers only, then you are mistaken. They (and even you) can look absolutely stunning if you wish to get peacock designs tattooed on your body. While most people are indeed taken by surprise on learning about this, but for those...

20 Examples of Funny Vector Illustrations

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Like an artist, a web designer also makes his nature glow in his work. Whether you are a funny person or a serious one, your work reflects what kind of person you are. Here, I’ve collected twenty funny, colorful, artistic and creative vector designs. Laughter is not guaranteed but they...