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50 Dazzling Examples Of Surreal Artwork

50 Dazzling Examples Of Surreal Artwork

Surrealism is generally known as the “art of dreams”. Surrealism came into existence in late 90s and early 20s. It is all about perceiving your dreams into reality which is mainly completed by painting severe realistic objects in extremely unrealistic conditions. Its simple meaning is to unlock the power of imagination. Surreal Art is becoming

Ultimate collection of celebrities pencil art [75 drawings]

It’s hard to belive but all these beautiful pictures are not photos but pencil drawings. In the following Celebrities Pencil Artwork below you will see how artists used only pencil to create these masterpieces. Pencil drawings or Pencil Artwork is one of the oldest forms of art that is using different type of pencil that

20+ Breath-Taking Examples Of Oil Painting

Painting, an artwork genre, is a practice of applying paint colors, oils, pigments or other mediums to a support base or a surface. These mediums are mainly applied with the help of brushes, palette knives, sponges or any other tool. The surface for painting can be a wall, cardboard, paper, wood clay and panel, glass,