Too High, Too Low: Six Steps to Setting a Competitive Price for Clothing Online

Owning an online clothing business is a growing trend that makes sense in today’s shopping world. As a business owner, you can have many high-quality clothing options. You can also have the very best quality photographs of those items displayed on your eCommerce website. However, if your pricing is not competitive, you’ll lose more customers than you gain. Fortunately, there are six simple steps to follow in order to set competitive prices.

Competitive Price for Clothing


Must-Have Mobile Website Design Features Every Ecommerce Site Needs

Building an eCommerce website is important, but often the mobile customers are overlooked in the process. It’s important that you build a mobile ecommerce site that is as engaging and unique as your standard website. While the mobile version is simpler, it still sends across the same message and gives mobile users the ability to perform just as much on a smaller screen. When you’re designing your mobile eCommerce site or looking for the perfect template, make sure you incorporate these must-have features for the optimum design.

Mobile Website Design Features


20 WordPress Cherry Framework Themes

When you launch a new website or plan a redesign of your old one, the goals are simple. You want it to be fast, user-friendly, great-looking, and functional. Plus, it shouldn’t cost too much. With an open-source content management system and an attractively priced design theme for it, you can cover all bases.

wordpress templates


Proper Online Cloud Storage for Different Businesses

The internet has grown into a socially-collaborative workplace, allowing people to coordinate and communicate with each other through many tools. With convenience at the top of many innovator’s minds, there is no doubt that we are all starting to rethink the internet from a database of information into an active medium, which anyone can use to gain presence and productivity.

Cloud Storage online


The Basic Tips to Build Your First Website

If you have a great idea for a blog, or want to take your products and services into the virtual marketplace, now is the time to make the jump and build your first website. Even with the UK research company Netcraft reporting that around 649 million websites were active as of April 2013, the billions of people connected to the Internet are always looking for the next great thing. Of course, if you don’t know what you are doing when you start designing the page, don’t expect much success from your first foray into the digital landscape (image via shutterstock).

Tips Basic web site