The 7 Most Deadly Mistakes In Website Design not to repeat

webdesign mistake


Many designers while creating a standard website makes some mistakes which are unknown to them. here, we update you with some common mistakes that can be be improved to make your website a unique and professional one;

Poor Navigation


One of the big mistake is that many websites has bad standards for navigation. Users feel it quite frustrating and complex task to surf the webpages without the proper way around. So, proper navigational bars should be placed within the website helping the visitors to reach the desired webpages without any wastage of time.

Extravagant Colors Schemes And Font Styles

font styles

Many designers neglect the basic of the website ie. Simplicity. They apply hundred of font styles and colors in a webpage thus loosing all its readability and turning it into a garish farrago. So, designers must use maximum 2-3 font styles per page to remove complexity and and to maintain stability in webpages.

Unorganized Content Layout And Outdated information


As you know, a hefty page restricts the audience to scan and surf it quickly without any complication. It gives rise to many difficulties in attracting traffic to the site. So, the design must be properly manages so the users can get proper guidance to surf the page. Also, fresh and accurate information must be given time-to-time. No outdated or old contents should causing the loss of credibility.

Cluttered And Orphanage Pages


A website becomes irritating one when it has lot of white spaces with contents/objects placed in a disarray-manner. It makes the webpages to loss its all worthiness and minimalism. So, contents must be organised in a manner that proper spacing is given. Also, home links must be provided at every webpage so that users can surf around them easily without wandering within the website.

No Responsive Website


A big hurdle came when your website design in non-responsive that means your site is unable to fit in different screen resolutions. Hence, loosing all its flexibility to adjust itself in different devices like tablets, smartphones, ipads and iphones. So, the standard website must be a responsive one to bring more traffic to the website.

Slow Loading Pages And Broken Links


broken link

Many website owners ignore the fact of using small images and light animations. The excess use of messy images, animations and flash graphics make the website heavy due to which it takes ling time to load, thus, annoying the audience very much. Also, many broken links ruin the impression of a professional website as these links lead to nowhere. So proper testing of the website must be done to remove such broken links.

Ignoring Search Boxes And Social links



Many websites doesn’t include search boxes, thus, causing hindrance in simplifying customer’s navigation. So, search box should be managed at a prominent place within the website so that user can search easily for what he is looking for. Also, proper social network links must be give so that viewers can share it further and contact you for further support.

Finally, we have updated you with deadly mistakes that can cause a big problem in making your website pleasing and a relevant one. Hope, you will take care of these mistakes now.


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