5 Best Ways To Make A Website Mobile-Friendly



Every online business or an internet user wants his/her website to be a mobile compatible one. But, they get confused in deciding how to make it so. Don’t Worry! Here  we have some easy ways to sort you out from this challenge. These are:

Test Your Site And Design For Touchscreen

5 Best Ways To Make A Website Mobile-Friendly

Firstly, what you are supposed to do is to check your website’s appearance on different mobile devices that includes android smartphones, iphones or ipads. A lot of tools are available to serve the purpose. Some of them are: Screenfly, MobileEmulator. Also, the design of the website must be maintained keeping in mind the different mobile devices. So, the links and  the buttons on your website must be big enough to click on comfortably as smartphones with tiny screens seems it a quite tough task to perform.

Use Limited And Small Images

5 Best Ways To Make A Website Mobile-Friendly

As we know, bigger images takes a long time to load and a website with plenty of high quality images creates a hindrance in the way to make it a mobile-friendly. This because it loads very slowly, thus, frustrating the users who are using mobile-phones for visiting your website. So, use minimum and compressed images to achieve the target.

Have Short Meaningful Contents

5 Best Ways To Make A Website Mobile-Friendly

Lengthy contents should be avoided as to make the user interested in reading it up to the last line. While squinting on small mobile devices, users mostly feels boredom and tiredness in reading the big contents. So, you need to make content’s length as short as possible but with proper and valuable information inside.

Choose Responsive Theme For Your Website

responsive, 5 Best Ways To Make A Website Mobile-Friendly

Instead for having two different sites, go for a responsive web-design. It is the quickest way to make your website a mobile-friendly. A responsive web-design is totally adaptable as it provides flexible layouts that gets themselves adjusted or fits into any screen resolution.

Avoid Complex Navigation Bars

navigational, 5 Best Ways To Make A Website Mobile-Friendly

If your standard website is filled with lots of menu bars with many categories, you are suggested to shorter the list as on small mobiles screens  it a quite complicated matter to search for required menus. Also, keep focusing on the choices that the mobile-users mainly care about. Like, users don’t desire to see the restaurant’s “About Us” page but wishes to see the “Menus” .

Make Mobile App And A Mobile Site

mobile app, 5 Best Ways To Make A Website Mobile-Friendly

Here, another way is to make a mobile app and a mobile site. Creating a mobile app, helps the consumers to perform their specific tasks without visiting the main site. It helps to communicate much information and performs valuable functions in a jiffy. Along with it, creating a mobile site totally removes the problem of  making your standard website a mobile-friendly. As the mobile version of your site will be designed in the way that it will be compatible with different mobile browsers.

Bingo! Now you can easily make your website a mobile-friendly just by adopting the above tips.