30 Pencil skirt outfit Ideas and 6 Ways to wear them


One of the most popular and longest running outfits in the world of fashion are the pencil skirts. It looks amazing on almost all types of figures. You can wear them with a lot of options and look amazing. If you are interested in wearing your favorite pencil skirt in style, then have look at some of the options mentioned below.  Don’t forget to check out some beautiful examples of pencil skirt outfit ideas at the end.

Pencil Skirt 6

6 Ways to wear Pencil Skirts

  1. With Blouse:

This is one of cutest ways you can wear a pencil skirt. Pair it with a feminine blouse and you are good to go. Go for floral prints and lacy textures. If you want a little classy look then pair your pencil skirt with a bow top.

  1. With T-Shirt:

Most of the women consider pencil skirts as a part of formal outfit. This is however not true. If you want to wear your pencil skirt as a casual outfit for weekends and parties then wear a classic printed T-shirt with it. This is not suitable for office wear but you can wear it with confidence at home or on a party.

  1. With Crop Tops:

Another interesting and creative way to wear a pencil skirt is to wear it with a crop top. With the advancement in fashion trends, crop tops have become very versatile and there have been a lot of different styles in crop tops. Make sure you get one which matches perfectly with the pencil skirt.

  1. Try A Leather One:

If you are thinking to try on some leather then a good option for you is to go for a leather pencil skirt. This looks so chic and flattering. You can either go classy with it or go complete casual by wearing your leather pencil skirts with wool jackets or lacy tops.

  1. With A Belt:

This look will give you some extra style and will make you a little classier. Wearing a belt with a pencil skirt is a good idea and that will make your waist look tiny.

  1. Wear Printed:

If you love wearing prints then try on wearing printed pencil skirt for a feminist look. You can either go bright or go neutral with the colors. Either way you will look amazing.

These are some simple tips and ways you can wear your pencil skirt in style. Have a look at some of the beautiful examples of pencil skirts and their outfits mentioned below.

Pencil skirt outfit Ideas

Pencil Skirt 1

Pencil Skirt 2

Pencil Skirt 3

Pencil Skirt 4

Pencil Skirt 5

Pencil Skirt 7

Pencil Skirt 8

Pencil Skirt 9

Pencil Skirt 10

Pencil Skirt 11

Pencil Skirt 12

Pencil Skirt 13

Pencil Skirt 15

Pencil Skirt 16

Pencil Skirt 17

Pencil Skirt 18

Pencil Skirt 19

Pencil Skirt 20

Pencil Skirt 21

Pencil Skirt 22

Pencil Skirt 23

Pencil Skirt 24

Pencil Skirt 25

Pencil Skirt 26

Pencil Skirt 27

Pencil Skirt 28

Pencil Skirt 29

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