Ultimate collection of celebrities pencil art [75 drawings]

Jessica Biel

It’s hard to belive but all these beautiful pictures are not photos but pencil drawings. In the following Celebrities Pencil Artwork below you will see how artists used only pencil to create these masterpieces. Pencil drawings or Pencil Artwork is one of the oldest forms of art that is using different type of pencil that varies in hardness and softness from H9 to B9 and you can feel this Intelligent and creative use of hardness/softness of Pencil by artists on these all drawings.

To boost up your inspiration and creativity, here we come with this amazing post on Celebrities Pencil Artwork. Drawing with pencil implement many methods to create different effect and styles. For example, you can choose either to draw with shades or lines or both. Here I would like to share with you some really creative pencil drawings by different artists, each of these artists has his or her own style and way to draw with pencils. So, I hope you like it and comment with you best drawings. and special thanks to Artist JRF aka Dr. Pencil. We hope that this ultimate collection of  celebrities Pencil Art will also help you to create some  remarkable and stunning drawings. If you like this post, feel free to share it with  your pals.

Jessica Biel


I am the Nile

Amy Lee

Adrian Grenier

Emma Watson


Willie  Nelson

Marilyn Monroe

Dexter Morgan

Will Smith

Orlando Bloom

Liv Tyler

Weston & Fiona

Vince Vaughn

Tyrone Wells

Trent Dabbs

Tom Sellick


Terry O’Quinn

Monica Bellucci

Steve Carell

Sean Connery

Robert Downey

Reese Whitherspoon

Nazi Killer – Brad Pit

Angelina Jolie

Mailyn Mansion

Jack Nicholson

Kurt Cobian


Katie Herzig

Josh Holloway as Sawyer

Britney Spears

Jessica Alba

John Wayne-The Duke

Johnny Deep

John Bon Jovi

Joaquin Phoenix

Jessie Pinkman

Jeremy Piven

Jeremy Lister

Jack Nicholson-Commissoned

Jack Nicholson

Iron Man-Robert Downey Jr

Harrison Ford – Indiana Jones

Hugh Laurie

Heath Ledger

Gerad Butler


Erin McCarley

Ed Helms

Love Birds


Dave Mathews

Cary Brothers

Captain Jack Sparrow

Bryan Cranston

Bruce Willis

Breaking Bad

Bradley Cooper

Brad Pitt

Ben Folds

Bear Grylls

Anne Hathaway

Allen Stone

Alfred Hitchcock

Agent Rossi

adriana lima

Elijah Wood

justin bieber


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  • Marsala54

    Sylvester Stallone pic is NOT Sly!

    • http://www.webdesignburn.com admin

      agreed but sometimes we have to follow artist.

  • http://www.pixel77.com/ Adriana

    This showcase of pencil drawings is absolutely amazing! I don’t know if the one with Jessica Biel is actually a pencil art, it looks pretty real to me 🙂

  • Claudia Wallace

    Absolutely amazing artwork, lots of talent and patience. Thanks for sharing!!

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  • http://www.uktonercartridges.co.uk/ ink cartridges for printers

    thats the real talent overhere,i was shocked when i saw it ,amazing art of celebrites in perfect way really nice

  • Hyperrealist73

    check out pelayoart.com hes got some amazing pencil celeb drawings

  • Jenna

    WOWW !!That’s truly amazing !!;)

  • adelbert

    PLEAAAASE do a pencil sketch of British actor Richard Armitage. His face is begging to become a work of art…… ADELBERT

    • http://www.webdesignburn.com admin

      Thanks for advice sure we will do soon

  • bayu d;arts

    these is crazy!!!

  • Arturs Turluks

    wow amazing

  • Sophia 2008

    They’re all beautiful drawings obviously by very talented artists… but thats not Denzel Washington its Malcolm X :/

    • http://www.webdesignburn.com admin

      Thanks for correction

  • Shabnam_tasviri

    oh my God i cant believe it …….

    are they by ETCH?

  • http://twitter.com/fathorseharry Harry Cunningham

    Who’s the girl in the first one? There’s no name given.

  • http://www.facebook.com/X.xbdishmanx.X Brittaney Dishman

    Awesome! but no Morgan Freeman? :))

  • RD

    They’re really good, (slight typo on Johnny Depp though :P)

  • rebecca

    these are the greatist pencil drawings ever! t am trying to draw real looking drawings of people but it is taking a long time. wish i knew your secrets. could you post all your drawings of people. some arnt coming up . keep up the good work. awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rebecca

    these are by far the most realistic pencil drawings i have ever see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!