Latest 10 Google Cardboard Apps and Instructions

Google Cardboard Apps and Instructions1.2

We click number of images every day. Round the world with the help of smartphones cum cell phones various images, selfies, Pictures are being clicked. Each one of us desperately wants to give a real like effect to the pictures images saved in our cell phones. Now, we can experience this virtual reality on our cell phones with Google cardboard.

Google Cardboard Apps and Instructions1.1

  • The cardboard apps help you in discovering new latest apps and experiencing your favorite VR. Your phone turns into a cardboard shell and you can imagine yourself in to 3D worlds.
  • The 3D effect makes you feel mesmerized and completely taken away by it.
  • One of the best features of Google cardboard is its ability to view photo-spheres captured by your camera very clearly.

Anything we want to download like videos, most entertaining games or songs, we can have it from best Google cardboard apps and instruction.

Google Cardboard Apps and Instructions

Snow Shaker Maker

Google Cardboard Apps and Instructions1

Using this Google cardboard, you can turn your mobile phone into a snow shaker and can add new character each day. This game is best suitable option for the kids to make them feel happy and to cherish their lives. This app mostly runs at the time of Christmas. Christmas is the time when everyone is happy and is eagerly waiting to welcome New Year. You can download this app for free from Google play store.

Dive Deep

Google Cardboard Apps and Instructions2

This game takes you deep into the ocean. You will feel like as if you are swimming with fish, big sharks and whales deep inside the sea. Having this app is a great adventure to experience. But, the only point left to work is its graphics. Graphics are very dull and lifeless. Graphics could be well-designed.


Google Cardboard Apps and Instructions3

One of the best Google cardboard apps is Orbulus. It puts you at the center of out of the world images and landscapes. It is must download for those who want to give life to their pictures. Whether it is day or night, Orbulus can provide a clear 360 degrees effect to your photos.

Jurassic Land

Google Cardboard Apps and Instructions4

We know that most of the kids are excited to get knowledge about dinosaurs. So, if your kids love the dinosaurs, then they will definitely love the Jurassic Land. You will meet the four generations of dinosaurs in Jurassic Land. It’s free to download from Google play store.

Cartoon Village

Google Cardboard Apps and Instructions5

This app takes you straight away to the 3D cartoon world and a great environment of joy. The graphics are very cleat, nice and big. The insects, the beautiful leaves and the butterflies fluttering around you are good in appearance. You can change the camera mode, the time of season and day and walking speed of the characters.

Tuscany Dive

Google Cardboard Apps and Instructions6

This is a good app from Oculus to explore beautiful pictures. The most irritating and negative point is that you always have to touch the screen to change the graphics. Graphics are clear and large.

Gun Defense

Google Cardboard Apps and Instructions7

Many of the Google Cardboard apps require a keyboard and also a joystick but, Gun Defense is one of such apps which don’t require these kinds of functions to run properly. We had to continuously shoot the zombies and your guns will constantly firing. The best part is that you will die before you run short of bullets. It’s the perfect app for playing and to experience new creative things.

Dance Club

Google Cardboard Apps and Instructions8

We can run this app by playing our own music and we will love it even more. Dance Club is a very cool and different app and it’s absolutely free. This app is all about skeletons dancing on a horrible music. Some of them will have hats and others may not.


Google Cardboard Apps and Instructions9

This app takes you to the terrifying rides and you will experience quite scaring new things. The rides will go up and down, round and round and everyone will be screaming loudly. You don’t have to look down, you will be more scared.

Cinema for Cardboard

Google Cardboard Apps and Instructions10

You can watch any previously stored video on a huge cinematic screen. You can take photos, but the picture might not be clear. On the other hand the video viewer is opposite and is pretty in looks.

So, a conclusion can be concluded that the best Google cardboard apps and instruction allows you to turn any android phone into a virtual reality based headset. But, we get bored with these cardboard apps very easily, so to find new apps for Google cardboard we need to use Google play store on a wide scale.

Hope, you will try observing new latest Google Cardboard apps on short intervals and they will be of great help to you.

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