25+ Extra-ordinary Examples Of Infrared Photography

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Infrared Photography also called “IR photography” is that genre of photography where the image sensor used is totally sensitive to the infrared lights. The wavelengths used for infrared photography range from about seven hundred nano-meters to nine hundred nano-meters. The part of infrared light spectrum ( a portion of electromagnetic spectrum) which is the host-name of thermal imaging. It captures the spectrum of lights which are undetectable by human eyes normally ranging between 700nm-1200nm.

As Infrared Photography is an artform that involves the process of taking too much shots to get the best out of it. So, many resources are needed while photographing infrared lights. Some requirements are- appropriate camera, IR passing filter, consumables like- paper clothes, clean handkerchief, earbuds and few more.

Many tips are also suggested by professionals while capturing infrared photos-

  • The photos need not to be extremely focused, clear or crisp.
  • Tools like screwdriver, glass-cutter, epoxy glue, diamond impregnated file must be with you always.
  • Use cable shutters and tripods to avoid camera shake for better experience.
  • Shoot in suitable environment conditions especially on bright sunny days.
  • If your camera do not possess a live-view, then do not put IR filter over the camera lens as if you do so, then you will not be able to see anything.

So, here we bring you some superb and cool infrared photography examples. Let’s start the journey-

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Infrared 2

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