20+ Breath-Taking Examples Of Oil Painting

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Painting, an artwork genre, is a practice of applying paint colors, oils, pigments or other mediums to a support base or a surface. These mediums are mainly applied with the help of brushes, palette knives, sponges or any other tool. The surface for painting can be a wall, cardboard, paper, wood clay and panel, glass, canvas etc.

Usually, there are many ways to do paintings and one among all is oil painting. Oil is a very versatile material. It can be used as extremely thick in impasto or thin in glazes, it can be opaque or diaphanous. Oil painting is a way of painting with drying oils. Widely used drying oils are-  walnut oil, linseed oil, safflower oil and poppyseed  oil.

In recent years, the water miscible oil paints has gained majority upon traditional oil paints. So because, these water soluble paints in-hold an emulsifier which lets them to be thinned with water instead of using paint thinner. Also, due to presence of emulsifier, water miscible oil paints take only 1-3 days for drying where traditional oil paints took 1-3 weeks for the purpose.

In the mid of 5th and 10th centuries, the oil paints were used firstly by Indian and Chinese painters for Buddhist’s painting. But the art gains popularity after the 15th century specially in Northern Europe. So, below are some heart-hunting examples of oil paintings for you inspiration. I’m sure, you must like it ans will share this valuable stuff to your friends and art-lovers. Have a look-

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