Ten Best apps for Windows Phone: 2015

Best apps for Windows Phone (8)

When mobile phone was launched with Windows as operating system at that time it was difficult stage for Windows Operating phone. There were not many applications available in the market for these phones. But now scenario has completely changed and Windows has started taking part of the market.

Best apps for Windows Phone (10)

So, we are going to discuss the best apps for windows phone which will help you make maximum use of your mobile phone.

Best apps for Windows Phone

Another Note

Best apps for Windows Phone (1)

This application suits those persons most those who are habitual of making notes or those who keep pen and paper always handy to pick up the lines and ideas and note them down.

  • Another note app is well thought out app.
  • The best feature in another note app is that we can make note and under its heading we can add sub heading, points and modus operandi.
  • We can even record our voice and add this file in the notes.
  • So, always make use of keyboard if not vital to make notes.

Facebook Pages Manager

Best apps for Windows Phone (1)

Facebook has taken over the market and now it is over the head of youth. Every person is crazy behind it and wants to be online 24 hours. Many small businesses and other groups are also using this stage to post information and advertise their products. This application allows Facebook users to share their status. You can post, comment, reply and delete your status. You can upload your photos and share it with your friends including reviewing your page insights and like or dislikes the uploaded media.


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This app comes with five in one calculator i.e. basic, scientific, Unit convertor, Currency convertor and programmer. The best feature in this calculator is in its UI. It has the ability to display story of every number and function we have entered so that we can always verify what we have been doing. Once, you will use its unit convertor option you will become fan of it as it features 300 units across 26 categories for conversion.

Duet Adventure

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It is one of the most addictive and best windows phone game ever in the market.

  • This game is basically there will be two dots interlinked with dots across the field of bar like hindrance.
  • When anyone dot will approaches the obstacle at that time you need to save your dot and rotate it around.
  • Where the craziness start the way you will rotate one dot, automatically second dot will rotate and you need to save both dots from obstacles.
  • Due adventure is a great game and puzzler can keep you busy and entertain for hours.

Dead target – Zombie

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As name suggest, zombie means funny and scary. In this game Santa’s are zombies and rather than with dead Santa you will experience impressive graphics and great amount of weapons and tools customizations. Zombies are uncontrollable and violent so why don’t go for this game and experience a great fun with this new game in the windows market.

Tile Art

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This application allows to create and custom artworks with your selected Live tiles. By this application, you can browse the tile art’s gallery or you can create any image of your own wish. The best feature in this app is that it allows you to upload PNG files and with which you can create pretty and cool tiles.

App Lock

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This is one of the best apps for windows phone and it is only for windows phone.

  • App lock provides extra layer safety even if your phone is locked.
  • We can hide and lock numerous photos and videos making them accessible only when we enter correct pass code.
  • The beauty of this app is this we don’t need to worry when we hand over our cell to someone to make call and bother that they may access our personal data.

My tuner radio

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This application is for those who like listening to radio channels. My tuner radio allows user to listen more than 30,000 radio frequencies around 120 countries and more than that you can listen to around 1 million podcasts.

Geo Cam

Best apps for Windows Phone (3)

With the help of this application you can open the information with photos. Photos can be overlapped including location, address, speed, direction, date, time, torchlight, compass, level and artificial horizon. If you want to record more data with your photos then. you must go for Geo Cam.

Inbox for Gmail

best windows phone apps

It was a drawback in windows phone that there were no official Google apps. But thankfully now we have it and best thing is that it’s free. If you are a Gmail user than surely use this app.

Above discussed applications are some of the best windows phone apps and which are completely free of cost. Download them in your windows phone and make effective use of your cell phone.

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