Best Reasons why iPhone is better than Android

Best Reasons why iPhone is better than Android (2)

There are two distinct groups in the market; one confirms that the iPhone is the best, whereas the other boasts about the ingenious features of the Android. Both are true to a certain extent, but then there are certain factors that place one ahead of the other under many different scenarios. Both the operating systems and phones come with huge consumer following and the number of users for the phones is being noticed to increase every financial year, regardless of price and availability. Though both the phone types are supremely hyped in the world market, there is one that has been conquering hearts and expert reviews for years now. It is the iPhone.

Best Reasons why iPhone is better than Android (3)

Best Reasons why iPhone is better than Android

iPhone ahead of Android:

Though both the phone shave quite the following, without a doubt, iPhone remains the best phone to own. It is also the most aspired phone for many, with consumers looking forward to getting one for them. The iPhone has continuously upgraded itself with the launch of every new model. Not only the operating system, but the phone has seen a number of up gradations in its features as well. All this has been modeled to suit the preference of the buyers, while providing them with an exceptionally great user experience.

Best Reasons why iPhone is better than Android

After thorough study of the two phones and systems, the industry experts and critics have come up with 10 reasons that satisfy and support the above made statement. There 10 under mentioned Best Reasons why iPhone is better than Android will explain you the rest.

The best apps come to iPhone first

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If your motive behind buying a smart phone lies with using and enjoying the best apps in the market, your first choice without a doubt should be the iPhone. Though the iPhone settles on a restricted share of the phone market, yet the application designers and producers first design their apps based on the iOS framework. Some of the most popular apps see the light of day with the iPhones. It is after their primary launch with the iPhone that these apps become available to the android users. The iPhones also get added features to the same apps that android users cannot enjoy, there is also variation in the design and layout of the app that only the iPhone users can enjoy. So if you’re looking for best apps, look no further than the iPhone.

Looks are not deceiving

Best Reasons why iPhone is better than Android

Without a doubt the iPhone is better looking than most of the other smart phones in the market. Well, it always has been. The designers at Apple continuously come up with newer looks for the same while maintaining a close similarity between the models. Like other android devices, looks are not deceiving here. The iPhone not just only looks great but produces great functions as well.

Apple Pay

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If you were looking for easy and reliable payment and money transfer systems, well Apple Pay is the solution for you. It has captured the attention of the consumers and is increasingly becoming one of the most used applications in the world, that is only available to the iPhone users.

Customer support at its best

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In case that you need a query attended to or a situation met with in regards to your phone, there is no better spot for help other than the Apple Store. Unlike any other carrier of Android Phones, at the Apple store you will receive the best customer support here.

Futuristic ideas

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As far as innovation and futuristic development is concerned, it is hard to beat Apple at it. Soon you will be capable of handling much more than calls and mail on your iPhone. Soon you will be allowed to control different appliances at your home with the Apple HomeKit.

Parent Control

Best Reasons why iphone is better than Android

With customisable security options in the iPhone, parents can now monitor which apps their children are using. With the Family Sharing feature, a family can now share the same applications on multiple devices.

Advanced Finger Print Sensor

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Though leading android brands like Samsung and HTC have been aiming towards introducing the best finger print sensor for in their phones, nothing can beat the iPhone at this game.If you are a iphone user and loves action games so try this.

Best Camera

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No android device can meet the precision of the iPhone 6 Camera.

Updated Software

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Unlike Android Phones, your iPhone receives the links to new software updates automatically when one is launched. You do not require looking for trusted links or reinvesting in one.

Better safety

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The iPhone system unlike the Android is hard to get encrypted or virus infected. This makes it a safer option.
With the above Best Reasons why iPhone is better than Android in mind, making the decision of your next smart phone purchase will without a doubt be easier.

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