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These days because of competition and starvation of jobs, employees have a lot of pressure on them to work. Moreover, due to poor performance there is always a big risk of getting fired from their job which keeps on revolving in their mind. Till they are doing and submitting work adhering to deadlines their position is safe and secured.

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Hence, to use your time wisely and in an adequate way, following are some of the best office apps for android which you can use on your mobile and work on them while you traveling to your office or home. And you can also turn your smartphone into 3D theater with Google cardboard and its amazing applications.

Best office App for Android

Google Docs

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When android originally hit the market for the first time, Google Docs had developed and was in daunting state. They were controlling the most essentials works done by the people. However, android version took time to capture the market and now time has come.

  • The accepted versions of Documents, slides and sheets are now ranked a good rank for functioning in the full web versions.
  • These can easily open various documents very normally without hitting your cell speed.
  • Google Docs makes them easy in typing and making spread sheets and everything is automatically saved to Google Drive.
  • Google drive is one of the best solutions for cloud storage.

Microsoft Office

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This is another best office apps for android which has great features and advantages when compared with over office apps. Using this application we can use compatibility view according to the desktop view. This application can help you open saved files in One drive, Share point etc. We can even open these same files in Office 365 on our computer or laptop. Sync services is also applicable to these documents, this may help us from start reading from the same location where we end. And you can also insert photos in the documents to make them more attractive. If you love to click photos then you should also have some essential mobile apps for photographers.

Office Suite 8

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The best feature of Office suite 8 is that it comes in more than 50 languages. This is also one of the reasons behind its popularity among users.

  • Almost all types of formats are supported by Office suite and it can load all files from cloud memory storage space.
  • The application is working very hard to beat its rivals and using tactics to make a space in market.
  • To do so, they made contracts with many mobile manufactures and device makers. Now, it is a pre-installed application in various models.

Docs to Go

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Docs to go is present in market from very long. It is available in Blackberry OS, Windows Mobile, Palm OS and iOS. The best thing in Docs to go is that, they are updating themselves and their services with the costumer’s demands. Like embedding graphics, leaving comments, creating tables. Managing footnotes etc. More than 100 functions are supported on spreadsheet. Docs to go supports files from cloud storage memory service accounts on drop box, one drive, Google drive etc.

Polaris Office

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Like many other applications Polaris Office made business contracts with many device manufacturers and has found success to come with the device and enjoy the benefits of pre-installed software. The welcome page of Polaris office has improved greatly with time and now its look the best home page on all modern and latest android devices. If you want to use some attractive applications for your Docs work and with great options and features like Microsoft products, try Polaris Office you will surely like this app.


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When you will work on Quip, it can be easily noticed that the developers of Quip while designing it were very sure regarding its usage and designed and tailored it according to the mobile screens. Text is created and designed in different mobile device screen sizes.

  • Comments are adjusted so nicely that they are placed in front and centre, while in other applications these are tucked far away.
  • It can open documents, spreadsheets and help in making to-do lists. A presentation is something which can’t be handling on Quip.
  • Quip has many loops when compared to other devices as it cannot turn to manage format which are created from other sources.

It can be better used as a tool for the members of team so that they can all work on single tool and exchange data.

WPS Office

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WPS office is the best application which is fully featured app which a customer can found in Android market free of cost. The welcome page is well designed and has modern interface. WPS office comes in more than 40 languages which supports many advanced facilities like wireless printing. It can open files from many local sources in old ways.

The above discussed applications are very useful. Make efficient use of these best office apps for android and use your time wisely.


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