Ten Things to check before hiring a Web Designer

Things to check before hiring a Web Designer1.2

Before we start looking for a web designer for our website there are many questions which we should clear first from our end. Like our expectations from our official website, our budget, data we need and other relevant questions. Once we clear all these small yet significant questions, we are somehow very clear about the type of web designer we need to hire for our work.

Things to check before hiring a Web Designer1.1

Below mentioned are some important things to check before hiring a web designer. These will further clear your doubts regarding the web designer and will help you in selecting an appropriate web designer.

Things to check before hiring a Web Designer

Contract Price

Things to check before hiring a Web Designer1

Ask the web designer about the price expected and before entering into any contract make sure regarding the payment mode and basis.

  • Will he be charging on hourly based or project based?
  • Clear all doubts and get everything in written or through mails.
  • Conversations over the call get lost with time and anyone can change their words or will clear say a no to his/her own words.


Things to check before hiring a Web Designer2

Many designers claim and try to convince the customers that he holds a dedicated server. If he says so then start questioning him how holding a dedicated server is going to promote my website or will be helpful to me, and you ask how you maintained all this. Asking these questions will clarify your doubts and the way he will answer your questions will sort out your questions. Dedicating server is helpful to you only in case you hold a large company and you need to maintain data for that.


Things to check before hiring a Web Designer3

It is best among the things to check before hiring a web designer. Ask from developer or designer regarding the things which he/she is going to include inside the website. Logos, pictures, base colors, links with data and design concept these all are basic things. Rather than these, what else they are trying to add to make website welcome page good.

SEO strategy

Businessman typing

  • SEO means Search engine optimization.
  • In layman terms it is when you search for something and you find it.
  • It doesn’t mean you need to pay for the things you searching for.
  • This strategy requires wise and careful thoughts.
  • You should try to gain some knowledge about SEO and about its basic.


Things to check before hiring a Web Designer5

Ask regarding the references and about websites for which we has worked for. So that we get to know about the work quality he/she they provides to the customers. Never feel hesitate or shy to ask such types of questions, as they can save your money before going in wrong hands.

Things to do once website built

Things to check before hiring a Web Designer6

Building things, friends, relationships, promises and many things are very easy. The difficult part in handling things is how you maintain that once you build something. So be very particular when you listen to the planning of your web designer regarding the plans after designing of the website.

Goodwill / reputation

Things to check before hiring a Web Designer7

Always try to check the goodwill and reputation of the firm or the web designer with whom you going to come in contract with. As creating goodwill is not an easy task. The firm, who owns it, knows how they earned that and will give their best to reassure the gained reputation in the market.

HTML older version

Things to check before hiring a Web Designer8

The web designer will provide us with some techniques and steps to change the type and date.

  • As changing the data and updating the information on website will be plus point for the company.
  • Every time getting paid for the amendments and updating something will cost you heavy.
  • Make sure these services are free of cost to some extent or amendment site to 10 – 15 sites is free of charge.

Open your website on all browsers

Things to check before hiring a Web Designer9

Before finalization and clearing all respective dues try to open your website on all browsers. In few cases, it has been pointed out that home page of the website or data inside the website doesn’t look the same way as it was appearing on Internet explorer.

Time to build the website

Things to check before hiring a Web Designer10

Last but not the least question which you need to clarify from your web designer is the time to be taken to design the website and uploading the data. Time asked by the designer for the completion of the project should be a reasonable time and must be limited. Ask web designer to provide a bug free website within the specified time limit.

The above mentioned discussed ten points are very useful for hiring a web designer. These things to check before hiring a web designer must have enhanced your views for hiring a web designer. So, apply all these points in your regular life and play safe while hiring a web designer.



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