15 Fantastic Concepts of UI Design To Accelerate User Experience

Whitney Hess

The significance of a great UX is inevitable. If your design efficiently attracts potential viewers and allows them to enjoy every bit of it, this will surely add to an amazing user experience.

Earlier, the mobile platforms were not capable enough to support creativity, however, today’s advanced mobile devices facilitate designers to focus on visual appeal to augment the experience usability while inspiring and captivating users. Although, it can’t be denied that along with the amazing advancement and opportunities, new challenges have also evolved.

To help you create an outstanding UI design that can drive an absolute UX, this article will offer you a roundup of inspirational designs generated by brilliant designers. By exploring these visual design solutions, you can distill the associated best strategies and practices to create an aesthetic and highly usable application. Let’s ponder into them.



Bakken & Baeck is a small firm, established in Norway. Its website is an interesting example of astonishing UI design that makes it highly intuitive and beautiful. While representing their work in a scrutinized way, it also showcases its professional team at the bottom of the site. Moreover, to target the proliferating mobile devices, it features a responsive design.

2. CreativeDash


The minimalist design of this studio portfolio represents its latest projects in a wonderful fashion. The overall look and feel of the site is quite impressive and enticing to keep users engaged for longer.

3. David Bastian

David Bastian

The ultimate design of the popular designer David Bastian’s website features a flat UI and a grid with subtle colors. This single page website ensures navigation ease and appealing visual appearance. The main attraction of his design lies in the fly out menu, which a user can hide or make it visible on the left side by simply clicking on the Menu button placed at the top left corner (it embraces an eye image that changes with the Menu visibility).

4. Edmund Yu


Edmund Yu has represented his work experience in an aesthetic portfolio website. While showcasing his previous projects, he also includes his toolbox to approach those clients who want some distinct task to be done (that you have not done before). It is wonderfully designed and offers amazing UX.

5. Radium


The clutter-free interface of the site features the previous projects of the designer in an organized and easily accessible fashion. Viewers can access the site with a breeze and efficiently read the requisite info.

6. The One Club

The One Club

Specially designed to cater to the needs of young creative professionals. It comes complete with an innovative UI that is sure to enhance the UX with an absolute approach.

7. Bret Victor

Bret Victor

The portfolio of Bret Victor epitomizes the UI and UX design to ensure a great user interaction. Since, a designer can only interact with viewers via a visual grammar and syntax, functions and values must be made legible without integrating words. And this portfolio is an absolute example of this.

8. Jordan Flaig

Jordan Flaig

This is another intriguing designer’s portfolio that features a blurry background image, easily readable text and attractive visual graphics.

9. Retrofuzz


This Manchester based firm epitomizes their work in a fabulous fashion. The UI features a high quality full screen video and large images in the background. It allows visitors to conveniently roam around and fetch the desired info with utmost ease. It is a great example of creative design that can captivate users and keep them engaged while delivering a smooth performance.

10. Justin Edmund

Justin Edmund

When observed at a glance, this deceptive portfolio site might appear like a resume. However, it is actually the cross-functional collaboration of the successful projects accomplished by Justin (the site owner). This high quality design is extremely interactive and impressive.

11. Venables Bell & Partners

Venables Bell  Partners

With highly interactive graphics, this website is absolutely fun to explore. The ultimate hovering and scrolling effects lend it an attractive and pleasurable visual appeal. It delivers a great UX while encouraging users to share the site with others.

12. Vitor


Embracing simple vertical scrolling, this portfolio site is segmented into several sections that embraces different backgrounds. The subtle color scheme and plenty of white space integration make the content legible and UI more engaging.

13. Grow


This is another example of amazing design. Grow is a popular digital agency that is known for their quality work. The site showcases their passion for great ideas and just little details. All the design factors, including typography, colors, functions and so forth are integrated to create a consistent look and feel throughout the site. Moreover, the seamless flow of actions from one tab to another adds to its intuitiveness.

14. Whitney Hess

Whitney Hess

It is a text heavy portfolio that beautifully represents the portfolio of Whitney Hess. It offers the complete story of the toughest challenges faced by her with an intriguing and unequivocal way.

15. Mariusz Cieśla

Mariusz Cie+øla

The portfolio site of Mariusz Cieśla is a great blend of aesthetic backgrounds and clear typography. He represents his latest projects that appear to be most interesting and captivating enough to keep the interested viewers engaged. The bold and attractive CTA buttons further add to its incredible design.


Final Thought:

A great UX demands a seamless navigation, outstanding UI design, user-friendly functionalities and a lot more. If your UI elements have been designed and placed appropriately, half the battle is won. The aforementioned examples are perfect to get inspired for creating an innovative, intriguing and intuitive UI for a visually appealing mobile interface as well as interactive web design. It will thus, definitely help you enhance the UX of your product.



Author Signature: Lucie Kruger is an application developer working with Mobiers Ltd, the leading mobile application development services provider. She provides concrete information on latest technologies like iOS, Android mobile apps development.



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