15 Ultimate Mobile App Designs For Your Consideration in 2015

Ultimate Mobile App Designs

Like web presence, the mobile presence has also become quite crucial for businesses. It is the amazing benefits of latest mobiles that has dramatically influenced the marketing trends. If your business is not embracing an invaluable mobile presence, you are actually missing on a whopping number of mobile audiences.

Indubitably, creating an appropriate mobile app offers a much sought after solution for efficiently catering to your business needs and client’s requirements. However, to make your app go viral on the market, you must consider the design trends that are in vogue. Therefore, to help you conveniently generate an innovative and impressive app design that can efficiently convert your visitors into customers, here is a list of astonishing mobile applications to get inspired ( image via shutterstock ).

Let’s distill the outstanding job done by other designers that epitomize an ideal mobile app design for rich UX.

1. Paper by FiftyThree

Paper by FiftyThree - Ultimate Mobile App Designs 2015

This award winning application is a great tool for enhancing the drawing and art productivity. The intuitive interface and handy tools make it easily operable and highly interactive. It lends a wonderful experience as if you are working on a piece of paper. It features a responsive and a slick ink engine that is sure to augment the natural drawing experience.

2. Timely Alarm Clock

Timely Alarm Clock - Ultimate Mobile App Designs 2015

The three panel experience of this simple and minimalist app makes it a great choice. It is simple to operate and its clean and uncluttered interface adds to its credibility. You can create as many alarms as you want. It offers smooth and consistent performance, and supports user interaction with a simple swipe and tap.

3. Arles Festival

Arles Festival - Ultimate Mobile App Designs 2015

The incredible design of this app gives it a captivating look and feel. The flat design and intuitiveness makes it easily accessible. The app aesthetically delivers a list of photography festivals that are commonly celebrated in Arles.

4. Jet Lag App

Jet Lag Application - Ultimate Mobile App Designs 2015

Jet lag is a common problem for those who have traveled to a different time zone. With this app you can save your invaluable time while you are on a long distance trip. The precisely done typography and intuitive interface of this app is a beautiful example of great functionality and incredible design.

5. WhatsApp

whatsapp - Ultimate Mobile App Designs 2015

One of the most popular messaging application that is available for multiple mobile platforms including Windows Phone, Android and iOS. The rich UI of the app ensures a remarkable UX. Users can share text messages, videos, images and voice recording with the contacts in their phone. And, it automatically syncs with your phone contact book. This app is available at an affordable price and allows users to chat with their friends on the go.

6. Fantasy Leagues App

Fantasy Leagues - Ultimate Mobile App Designs 2015

The simple and intriguing UI of this lightweight app grabs teams from different sites and merge them into one. Readable typography and optimal look and feel of the app make it stand ahead of the crowd.

7. Snapguide

snapguide - Ultimate Mobile App Designs 2015

An exquisite way to share comprehensive tutorials or step by step guides. The simple and elegant design of the app is great for creating a how to guide.

8. iPhone Restaurant App

iPhone Restaurant App - Ultimate Mobile App Designs 2015

The warm and cozy visual appearance of this astonishing application is great for impressing UX. It represents the content in an organized and clutter-free fashion while ensuring easy readability.

9. Telegram

Telegram - Ultimate Mobile App Designs 2015

This is another popular messaging app that comes complete with a user-friendly UI. The clean and intuitive design of this app adds to its great UX. It also ensures utmost security to the content shared via this app, as it augments encrypted chat messaging. This fast application also supports self-destruct mode, that automatically deletes the message from both the devices after a short readable time.

10. IsTid

istid - Ultimate Mobile App Designs 2015

With an aim to allow users to conveniently locate the ice-cream parlors that offers tempting ice creams near your place. It boasts an amazing colorful UI design. The integrated slider allows users to dial a suitable searching range conveniently. And, the CTA buttons are beautifully designed to grab the attention of potential users.

11. Minimal Weather

Minimal Weather - Ultimate Mobile App Designs 2015

The dark background and white text make the app content easily accessible even in areas with poor lit. the UI elements are placed appropriately to ensure an intuitive and impressive look and feel. Here, typography has been delightfully implemented, giving it a stylish touch.

12. Mountain High

mountain high - Ultimate Mobile App Designs 2015

The bold accents of the app complements its rich and bright interface. This highly functional application is wonderfully designed to high end trail map and live weather check.

13. My Seeen

my seen - Ultimate Mobile App Designs 2015

The pixel perfect design of this app is legible. It features a movie app concept and clean look and feel.

14. Wake Alarm Clock

Wake Alarm Clock - Ultimate Mobile App Designs 2015

This fabulous app epitomizes a minimalist design. Amazing use of dark and bright colors add to its credibility. Easy-to-operate functions are integrated in the app while ensuring a simple and uncluttered interface. It supports simple gestures, like slap the screen to snooze the alarm, flip it or shake it to turn the alarm off, and more.

15. Standy

Standy - Ultimate Mobile App Designs 2015

The lightweight design of the app is quite inviting. It has been designed using a grid, which has dramatically added to its fluid and flexible visual appearance.

This round up consist of the amazing mobile apps available in the market. These great efforts of expert designers form a true inspiration. Go through all the designs and note their precise details, this will definitely help you design an optimal mobile solution with an absolute approach.

Author Signature: Addison Cohen is an application developer for Appsted Ltd, which is the leading iPhone application development company. He provides concrete information on latest technologies like iOS, Android mobile apps development.