5 Web Design Myths You Can’t Miss to Watch in 2014


Through this post I’ll be discussing about some of the major web design myths of this year.

Aesthetic Design Alone Can Drove in Success


This is one of the biggest myth that a lot of website owners believe in. There’s no denying that aesthetic design is an important aspect, in fact, it helps in drawing traffic. But merely creating a good-looking design can’t get you success in today’s cutthroat marketplace. Apart from design, usability of the site is very crucial for its success. It’s obvious customers won’t like to stay in a website, if it can’t provide what they need. Though visually appealing design can attract the visitors towards your site for once, but if don’t get what they need most likely they won’t return to your site again (image via shutterstock).


Landing Page is the Most Important Of All!

 Web Design Myths 2014

If you’re not going to a visit a site directly, perhaps you won’t land up on the homepage necessarily. So, putting in all your efforts and attention in designing a remarkably alluring homepage is nothing but a waste of your time and money. No doubt, it’s important to revamp your homepage and give it a nice and fresh look, but you should not over-do it. Simply put, instead of focusing on the design of the main page only, make sure to keep all the web pages boast a consistent design throughout the site (image via shutterstock).

More Animation Effects Attracts More Traffic

Web Design Myths 2014

Having moving images in a website is definitely a good attraction for the visitors. Many website owners embed flash images in their site in a bid to retain customers’ interest. But bear in mind that not every person has speed Internet connection, and the one having slow network connection will have to wait for the images to load in the flash player. Slow page load time can be a big threat and the not-so-patient people will most likely won’t take more than a second to abandon your site. Undoubtedly, you should add animations to enhance the visual appeal of your site, but make sure that it shouldn’t become a stumbling block for the customers. Therefore, make sure that the flash animation is used skillfully and efficiently (image via shutterstock).

Free Website Themes Can Save a Lot of Cost

Web Design Myths 2014

Any small business owners will certainly get bamboozled by the fascinating design themes available online that too for free. However, thinking that using a free theme can be a cost-effective solution for you – to give a fresh look and feel to your site, is a wrong notion. Most of the free themes generally contains cluttered code, making it difficult for users as well as search engines to navigate throughout the website easily. Besides, pre-made theme often contains bugs that might pop up anytime post theme installation, which can rupture your brand image in front of your existing customers. As a matter of fact, getting a pre-made theme installed can bring in several issues. And solving those issues might require you to invest more money than creating a custom theme (image via shutterstock).

More Website Content Keeps The Customers Engaged

Web Design Myths 2014

Let’s face it! Not everyone is a good reader and just after reading a few lines will hit the back button. Content does matter, but it is very important to add quality content, rather stuffing your website with too much content. Instead of adding long lines of text, try to add a few lines of text with images and/or some videos (only if required). Focus on writing excellent headings that can drive readers interest towards your posts. Make sure to use the right fonts and colors for your text, in order to make it more readable for the users. Remember that readers like to read content that gets straight to the point, and hence, they’ll not engage with a site crowded with content (image via shutterstock).

Let’s Wrap Up!

Web Design Myths 2014

Are you someone who believes in what is said or written on the Internet? It’s a good practice to read things online but you can’t believe in everything blindly. A lot is being said about the web trends while some of it may be true, there may also be a few points that are incorrect. But we most often perceive that if everyone else is following a web design trend, it means it actually exist. In order to help you out I’ve enlisted top 5 web design myths of 2014 that are worth considering.

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