Designers and Artists: Tips Selling your Art or Illustrations Online

Have a Focus

There are many needs for illustrations out there in different areas, advertising, news, sales. Having a focus for your work can help you sell your illustrations or artwork online by making you an expert in the area. You need to be specific in your objectives. So you must decide if you want to focus on advertising campaigns, drawing book covers, working for news sites, just to name a few.


In addition, it will be important to figure out what type of medium your finished product will be in. Depending on the type of platform the illustration or artwork will be presented on, could have an impact on the type of software you need and the knowledge you have to have to create the image. Answering those questions before you get started will help you focus on the type of art you want or can produce.

Another aspect will be the type of art you want to create and sell online commercially. According to, there is no point in creating illustrations that people won’t buy, so you need to start thinking commercially. If you know the types of images you want to create, quick web searches to see if there is a need or a market for those types of images might be a good move.

What Type of Art will you Create?

There are two ways to go about selling your illustrations or artwork online. You can sell your photos directly to a client or sell them as stock images that anyone can pay for to pick up and use. Many illustrators will chose the stock option and create online portfolios to sell their stock images. This allows the illustrator to concentrate more on creating images and artwork rather than spending time finding clients.


The drawback to stock selling, however, is that clients have to find you so marketing is important. Working with a client directly could also mean steadier workflows especially if it is a client with continuing needs like news organizations.

Promote your Work

One way to get the word out about your art is through online art communities and virtual exhibits. These communities allow artists to display digital work or sell them. Unlike their counterparts in the physical world, these communities are equipped to show off additional skill sets possessed by the illustrator or artist including the use of animation, digital art and skin designs for desktop apps.

Having your work on more than one community site can also be a good way to increase viewers and reach additional audiences. Find galleries that appeal to different audiences from nationwide to those that specialize in local artists. While you are selling your work online, a business in your area may be in need of your services and would rather have a local individual with whom they can meet and discuss ideas.

Keep your Portfolio Fresh

As you gain more clients and produce more work, always remember to have that work represented in your portfolio. According to, for freelance illustration the portfolio is more important than a fancy resume. Having a robust portfolio will show your range of work and make it possible to gain more clients as they see you can meet their needs. It is also important to market your portfolio through social media and other channels to keep your site in the minds of potential clients.

Becoming a freelance illustrator or artist can be an exciting way to get your artwork sold and out in the public. It can also be a great adventure as new projects for clients can sometimes invigorate the creative types that gravitate toward this field. And having a good grasp of what you can bring to the table and then following through with the promotion of the work can make that venture a successful one.


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