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Focus on Essential Elements to put on in your website

Essential Elements - logo

The foremost step before creating a good website design is to prepare a list of the useful elements that you want to include in the website. These elements may include:

  • useful plug-ins
  • various menu styles
  • Headers, sidebars etc.
  • columns, sliders and many more things

These things are used to make your website look attractive and eye catching. You also need to focus on code that you want to put on your website to make it responsive. Make use of HTML 5 and CSS 3 as much as possible to make the website responsive.

Have a professionally created logo for your website

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It is very essential to have a logo designed for your website. Logo is the trademark of your website and people generally remember your website by your logo. Some of the advantages of using logos for your website are:

  • It identifies your website uniquely over the web
  • It is the main identity of your website
  • It specifies the vision of your website business
  • It helps the people to remember your website for long

Create a responsive and clear navigation for your website


The website design must be responsive so that the website can run on different browsers easily and can operate on mobile device with ease. Using HTML 5 and CSS 3 while designing website will help to create a responsive design.

You should also look at the loading speed of your website. It should load fast because slow loading websites lose visitors frequently. Also allow a user friendly interface for the users of your website.

Select Simple and Readable fonts for your website

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Your website must have the font style and size that is easily readable from different browsers by different users. The text of your website must be simple and understandable. The font should not be too small to read and must have a font style that a user can easily read and interpret. Make sure that the font style you choose can easily be read from mobile devices.

Do not Use too much of pages

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Do not use too many pages on your website to depict the information. Try to assemble the information in as less number of pages as you can. Too many pages on your website may confuse the narrow minded users. Also make sure that your pages provide the correct information to the users.

Write good content

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The content you offer your website visitor to read must be unique and genuine. This is one part of web design that is underestimated by most of the website owners and designers. Your content must be informative and original. Common tips to write content on website are:

  • Make sure your content is informative and correct
  • The content must not be copied
  • It should be free from spelling and grammar mistakes

Do not over advertise your website

Sale Montage

DO not be too much greedy. Use only few advertisements on your website to make it look good. Over advertising your website may irritate the user, if he/she sees too many banners surrounding the text. Advertisements from one or two advertisers are enough. These ads must be placed at right position, so that user is not irritated by its placement and do not confuse it with the image.

Keep your images small wherever possible

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You must try to put on small images with the text on your website so that the website does not look overcrowded with the text. Also, the small sized images can be downloaded easily. Large size images may take time to load and affect the site loading speed. So avoid using them unless necessary in extreme.

Check for Spelling and Grammar

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Small mistakes in the text may confuse the user and may change the meaning of entire sentence. This is also quite irritating. This can be avoided by:

  • Using spell checker before publishing the content
  • Using grammar checker before posting
  • You can also use Microsoft office tools to check for spellings and grammar

Keep your color scheme simple and avoid flashy content

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The color scheme of your website must be simple so that the content of your website is not hidden with the background. Also avoid using the flashy content on your website.


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