Tips To Design Attractive Online Advertisements

Well you need to make full use of the animations, colors, fonts, and much more to gain the attention of visitors. You cannot take any type of risks while designing an ad of your website or product, because if an ad is not designed and displayed in a good way, then people will not see it and therefore will not consider your ad seriously. This can harm your business badly. Following are some of the tips to design a really good an attractive ad.  These are some of the very important and useful tips to design an attractive ad for your site.

1. Small Size:

custom small advertisement

The size of your ad should always be small and it should not take time to load. If people want to see your add which is larger in size, then they have to wait for your ad to open because larger ads take long tme to load in the areas where internet is slow. N this busy world, people do not wait for the loading of your add and they will get annoyed and will stop visiting your ad (image via shutterstock).

2. Add Images And Logo:

Attractive advertisements 14

An ad without images and logo doesn’t make any sense, try to add clear and cool picture in your ad so that visitors will get attracted. People just visit your ad for 5 to 10 seconds, but a great logo can give your add a memorable look.

3. Do Not Add Too Much Animation:


The website visitors do not have much time to see your whole promotional message. If you want to add some animation in your ad, make sure it should not be more than 20 seconds long so that people will see without any problem (image via shutterstock).

4. Make it Flexible:

flexible custom advertisement

Technologies have ruled this world and there are a number of new devices that are displaying a very large image such as the Larger LCD screens.  So your ad should be very flexible so that it will fit on all screens of any resolution (image via shutterstock).

5. Selection Of Font:

Attractive Advertisments 3

No matter how attractive or beautiful your flash ad is, it has no use if people can’t read what’s written on it. Do not use stylish fonts for your ad, try some standard ones, like Calibri, Arial, etc. Font size also matters. Your font size should not be so small so that people face problems in reading it. More than 12 font size is appropriate

6. Select A Catch Line:

catch line for advertisements

Since you do not have a lot of space to write things on your ad, so you should write a line that will attract the visitors attention about the message or product you are showing. Try to put some exciting offers about your product as a catch line. This will gain the visitor’s attention. meaofoto /

7. Resemblance:

resembling advertisements

Your ad should resemble to the homepage of your website, when the visitors will click on the ad or on the call to action button, and will come to your site, then the resemblance will assure them that they are at the right destination. This is a very useful tip (image via shutterstock).

These are some of the useful tips that you should keep in mind while designing an online ad. You will gain a lot of visitors through your ads if you follow all the above tips.