20 WordPress Cherry Framework Themes

Which CMS to Choose?

There are several free platforms to choose from, but WordPress beats the competition and is one of the most popular content management systems with new website owners. Started as a blogging platform, it now powers over 70 million websites of all kinds, from corporate pages to ecommerce sites. This is easy to understand: the simple and handy admin interface makes content management easy even for new users. Besides, WordPress is known as a SEO-friendly and fast platform. What is not to like?

Why Get a Predesigned Theme for WordPress?

If you want your WordPress website to look professional without much time and costs invested, buying a ready-made design template is the right solution. You will get an out-of-the-box design that is ready for installation for less than a hundred dollars, and your website will have its new stunning look in just a few days.

We have selected twenty new themes for this post for all kinds of websites and tastes. Along with the time and cost savings, here’s what you will like about these templates.

They Are Flexible and Easy to Use

All of the templates are based on Cherry framework, a unique product by TemplateMonster.com
, which makes them more flexible and simpler for the end user.

They Are Easily Personalized

No matter how great a design looks, you might want to customize it to your needs and taste. These themes can be easily personalized: you can replace the images or remove certain elements to make the design perfect for your website.

All Images Are Licensed

The designers who created these templates carefully selected the right images for them. And the good news is you can use all of the pictures on your website, as you get a license on them.

They Are Mobile-Ready

Thanks to Cherry framework, the themes are responsive and adapt to the screens of mobile devices. So your mobile visitors will be just as pleased with their experience on your website as the desktop users.

They Are Offered by the Biggest Provider

The templates in this collection are presented by one of the leading design providers TemplateMonster.com. With TemplateMonster, you will receive 24/7 support and help with installation and customization, if necessary. If the right design for your web page is not among these twenty, you are free to choose from hundreds of other themes on TemplateMonster.com.

So, here are the design themes that we picked for you. Let’s have a look and choose the right template for your new or revamped website!

Elegant Restaurant – Light Space Cafe And Restaurant WordPress Theme

This light responsive theme with an interestingly designed background looks both elegant and casual. With the appetizing photos in the lightbox, it will be a great choice for a restaurant’s website.

Light Space Café And Restaurant WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Industrial Solutions – Simple Industrial WordPress Template

The color scheme of this big-resolution mobile-ready design harmonizes with the industrial theme. It looks professional, and the nicely designed icons make it more original. It’s a good template for an industrial solutions company.

Simple Industrial WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Professional Security – Security Responsive WordPress Design

This reserved monochrome design looks professional, trustworthy, and tasteful. It will work well for a security services firm.

Security Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Neutral Portfolio – Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

Dark and neutral, this design is made more original by the unusual lightbox and interesting icons. It’s a tasteful choice for a photographer’s portfolio.

Photographer Portfolio Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Tea Time – Skeuomorphism Tea Shop WordPress Template

The combination of light wood and warm orange makes this responsive design very pleasant, and the images in the lightbox make it even more attractive. It’s a great choice for a website of a tea store.

Skeuomorphism Tea Shop WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Reserved Portfolio – Simple Photographer Portfolio WordPress Template

With a reserved color scheme and an interesting background, this theme looks very tasteful. The big lightbox and the grid below it are great for displaying photography works, so this design will work well for a portfolio.

Simple Photographer Portfolio WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Fresh & Professional – Flat Consulting WordPress Design

This mobile-ready template follows the “flat” trend, and is simple, but creative. The original header menu and bright color accents make it look fresh. It’s a good choice for a young consulting firm that wants a slightly livened up corporate website.

Flat Consulting WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Apps Shop – Smartphone Software Store WordPress Theme

With an original smartphone-shaped lightbox, this clean design is perfect for an online store that offers smartphone apps.

Smartphone Software Store WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Professional Management – Volumetric Management Company WordPress Template

This big responsive design uses a pleasant combination of beige and navy blue, which makes it look elegant, but not too boring. It’s a good design for a management company’s website.

Volumetric Management Company WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Safari – Wildlife Responsive WordPress Theme

Using the “sandy” color scheme in combination with stunning photos in the big lightbox, this template is perfect for a website on wildlife or African safari.

Wild Life Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Tropical Fish – Marine Aquarium WordPress Design

With a “marine” color scheme, the mobile-friendly design looks rather simple, but the bright images of underwater world and exotic fish make it look stunning. It will work well for a website on tropical fish.

Marine Aquarium WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Strike – Bowling Responsive WordPress Theme

Neutrally colored, this design uses pretty icons and lightbox images. It’s a perfect choice for a website on bowling.

Bowling Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Gamers’ World – Games Responsive WordPress Template

This darkly colored design harmonizes with the fantasy and fantastics themes, and will be great for a website on high-end computer and video games.

Games Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Exotic Retreat – Travel Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

The subtle, but pretty light gray background serves as a basis for eye-catching photos of exotic travel destinations. This tasteful and modern design will be just right for a travel agency’s website.

Travel Agency Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Your Safety – Insurance Services Online WordPress Design

This responsive corporate design looks fresh and unconventional, with the pretty color scheme of light green and teal in combination with black-and-white photos in the lightbox. It’s a perfect design for an insurance company that wants a professional, but not too ordinary website.

Insurance Services Online WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

High-End Communications – Communication Solutions WordPress Template

Trendy and professional, this mobile-ready design has plenty of information elements, but still looks clean. It’s a great choice for a website of a communication solutions company.

Communication Solutions WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Fit & Healthy – Fitness Responsive WordPress Theme

This flat design looks pretty simple, but the photos add color to it. It’s a good choice for a website of a fitness club.

Fitness Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Elite Horses – Horse Responsive WordPress Theme

This elegantly colored design highlights the beautiful photos of horses in the lightbox. It’s a great template for a horse stables website.

Horse Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Minimalistic Architecture – Architecture Designs WordPress Template

This minimalistic theme with unusual fonts looks clean and modern. It’s a great fit for a website of an architecture firm.

Architecture Designs WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Science World – Professional Researches WordPress Design

Traditionally colored, with attractive photos, this design is great for a website on science or the web page of a science lab.

Professional Researches WordPress Theme

Details | Demo


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