Proper Online Cloud Storage for Different Businesses

As this solution grows, so do the needs. From personal filing to industrial document management, the internet plays a major role in granting everyone a channel connect and convey their own identities and brands (image via shutterstock).


When it comes to business, many internet innovators have developed different solutions for online file storage free of cost and safekeeping. It must be noted that among the biggest challenges faced by many businesses is the need for file sharing and access, especially with their employees, customers and co-owners. This is true especially for service based businesses like web developing or graphic design. Product-oriented businesses can also benefit from this type of storage solution (image via shutterstock).

The Need for Document Management


Document management is a process wherein a business’ files are managed tangibly or electronically throughout their life cycle—right from their creation, to storage, up to the point of archiving and destroying. A web-based online storage system is a relatively new solution which allows users to connect, upload, compile and access their documents through the internet. The item can be retrieved quickly from a third-party data source by browsing through their particular account’s folders, or by using indexes and searches. These online systems have the advantage of being able to be accessed anywhere around the globe, allowing fast transfer of documents from one computer to another (image via shutterstock).

There are many types of professionals who can benefit from this process. One good example is a medical practitioner. A doctor is required to keep private patient information from the public, but he is also obligated to collaborate with other practitioners. Hence, it is crucial for these professionals to find a platform which has limited access to certain documents. Keeping cabinets of paper files have been long prevalent, but new online document management systems allow one to upload and access files through a third-party medium along with their co-workers. With this system, a medical practitioner can collaborate with other doctors in discerning a client’s health state and finding ways to cure their present condition.

The same goes for a graphic designer, whose files are often extremely large, beyond the standard file size a regular email client allows. Graphic designs, especially when meticulously done with layers, cannot be compressed just to reduce its file size as it also reduces its quality. Finding an online storage system is important for them to store their files for their clients to review. Uploading and downloading files from a third-party service provider is a practical way of sending large files to a client.

For business owners, they can take advantage of keeping contracts, profit reports and joint venture documentations in a secure online location without having to send the documents by post or handing it personally.

Offering a Solution to a File Storage Challenges


Using an online storage is the simplest and most practical solution to common businesses. Storing files online is safe, secure and smart. With user-based accounts, only individuals with the correct passwords can access designated folders and files. Publicly designated files can be viewed by those who have the links, or by the ones who are able to discover their files through searches. Both ways, sharing a document is easy and the user can apply a layer of security for their files according to their preference. Other than this security measure, the host website also exploits modern security measures for their hardware and software. This is done to protect their user’s data (image via shutterstock).

The private and public folders are located in a cloud server, which means that the files are accessible anywhere in the world. When something goes wrong with their computers, the user can be assured that they have a backup hidden in a credible storage. Uploading and downloading files is also easy. While email programs commonly limit file size, storing files online means that business owners have the freedom to have a bigger file storage for their documents. They can upload large files and easily send the link to the recipient to be downloaded.

Among the benefits of online file storage are:

  • Bigger storage with greater bandwidth
  • The folders can either be password protected or be seen publicly
  • Files are secured in a hosting site, some of which are HIPAA compliant
  • Organizing the files is easy with the use of folders, categories and tags
  • One can create users and assign folders where they can have access to
  • Anyone can gain access to the data from their tablets, smartphones and laptops—as long as there is internet access
  • It streamlines communication within the company

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