Deciding on the Best Smartphone for You

External Security Features


One of the things that set the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5S apart from the other new releases is the fingerprint identification. You code your iPhone to your own fingerprint, and then you can unlock it just by picking it up. It remains locked for others, though, and if they don’t have the pass code, they can’t get inside. The other smartphones that have come out don’t have that same external security, but some of them do have similar pass-code features(image via ( Canadapanda /

Business or Pleasure: Look to the Apps


Your main reason for needing a smartphone will help you decide on which one you need. For years, the Blackberry was known as the go-to smartphone for the busy executive. The iPhone and Android platforms have since taken over, and each brand has its own ideal business smartphone. In determining which will work best for you, the apps it can carry play a tremendous role. All iPhones, for instance, can only access apps on the Apple market. Android-based smartphones have access to a much broader range of apps. Blackberry plans to make that particular distinction even more level with the release of the BBM app on both the iOS and Android platform. However, the Register reports that these apps will be delayed somewhat, but that they will likely be on the market soon. In deciding which smartphone you need, make a list of the apps that are most important to you, then look to the smartphones that support these apps.


smart phone connectivity

According to leading gadget guide news blogs a smartphone can do a number of things, but one of its most important features is its ability to connect to the network. Otherwise, all you have is an expensive calculator and text manager. A cheaper smartphone does not necessarily mean that it will have poor connectivity. But you do need to research that before you make the purchase (image via shutterstock).

Multitasking Features

Samsung Galaxy S4 Multitasking

Samsung has been establishing itself as a strong contender for the business smartphone by developing the multitasking feature on its latest releases. The LG G2 has also come out with a similar multitasking feature. In fact, it even released the Polaris Office 5, an efficient office suite program. Even if you don’t plan on using your smartphone for business, you can benefit from the multitasking feature. According to PR Web, 80 percent of users multitask on their smartphones, sometimes while watching television, and sometimes doing multiple tasks on the phones themselves. Your smartphone does not have to come with a specific multitasking feature, but it will need to have sufficient RAM and processing speeds to handle multiple apps running at the same time (image via Tanjala Gica /

Deciding on the right smartphone can be a challenging choice. After all, you have so many products to choose from. Consider what you want in terms of external security. Also remember to look to the apps that your smartphone supports. Also check out the connectivity and its ability to multitask. Looking at these factors can help you narrow down the latest selection of smartphones to the best one for you.