6 Tips for Designing Attractive Call-to-Action Buttons


Call to action buttons may have several functions depending upon their use. The phrase “call to action” actually means that it is calling someone to do some action. The action may include anything such as information request, download, or simply buy something.

Tips for Call to Action Buttons:

1. Use Negative Space Carefully:


If you want your call to action buttons to snatch all the attention from surrounding content and design, then you would have to follow different rules and tips which include the use of negative space as well. Around the buttons, use some negative space. Remember, there must be some space between you call to action button and the content in order to highlight the button. While this is less important (and less common) on some buttons, such as add to cart button. Spacing is one of the most important elements of making call to action buttons attractive. Also for the text in you call to action button, use negative space carefully.

2. Create Urgency:


In order to make your visitors click right away you need to create urgency. This is possible even if you don’t want to deceive your visitors. Make use of attractive typography and creative text and I’m sure you’ll get more clicks than you get now.

3. Use Contrasting Color:


Differentiating your call to action button from the text and theme of your website is a difficult task but by using effective colors you can make this task easy. For call to action buttons, contrasting colors work really well. See, bright colors can catch one’s attention within seconds. So, make sure that you choose a bright color that contrasts the theme and text of your website(image via shutterstock).

4. Select a Prominent Position:


Place your call to action button in a position where users can create a direct eye contact which means somewhere on top side or in the middle of your website. If it’s a blog, then make it pig and place it in the upper part of sidebar.

5. Choose a large Size:


Your call to action button should not have to be big as big as a banner and as small as text in your site. Choose a size which comes in between this margin. Text-wise, it should be of the biggest size(image via shutterstock).

6. Select Creative Shape:


Mostly, call to action buttons are round or rectangular but you can make them more attractive by selecting a different and creative shape for them. Shapes can increase your conversion rate also. So, choose a good shape like oval, star, square, etc.


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