Top 5 Tips for SEO Friendly Web Designs

These are some of the beneficial tips that will help you to design a SEO friendly website. These tips will help your website to live a great life by appearing at the top of Search engines.

1. Keyword Research:


Before starting to design a website, you should set up a plan in which covers all your goals and objectives. Every business will have a plan about the targets to achieve.

If you have a plan or target in mind, then when you start to design website maps and wire frames, you can easily start building pages that may target these keywords. It is one of the worst thing to go back to your website after half a year. It is so difficult to remake or change the internal structure of the content that might be used for the SEO purposes. So it is better to plan early to avoid these problems.

2. Search Engine Friendly Navigation:


If you talk about the term SEO friendly, it means that the navigational system should be followed and read by the search engines. Navigational system and internal linking are considered as the base and backbone of on-page SEO. Try to place buttons in your site that are text-based. It will play a great part for accessibility(image via shutterstock).

First of all, try to avoid the navigation system that contains flash. The reason for this is very simple, search engines like Google, Bing, etc cannot read the text written on images. Other reason for not using flash is that, the technology is progressing and online world is moving to the mobile devices, and how many devices will support the flash?  Try to use the CSS strategies instead of flash. The CSS strategies not only give u good results, but will take less time to load.

Along with the navigational system, labeling the links clearly is also important. For instance, if you site link says “write for us”, then it should take the users to the “write for us” page.

3. Website Loading Time:


People do not have time in this busy world to wait for a website to load. If your website takes a lot of time to load its elements, then people will leave it and stop visiting it again. And it is experimented that a website that takes very low time to load gains progress on search engines.

Things that can slow your website loading time include the CSS files, image size, JavaScript and file size. Try to remove all the extra things that make your website slow.

4. Website Images:


As it is said above, that this is a modern and busy world and people don’t have time to wait for the loading of your website. Images and backgrounds could be a major cause of the website to load. Try to reduce the size of images using Photoshop and other software (image via shutterstock).

5. Social Media Friendly:


Yes! Social media is considered as a basic part of your SEO strategies. It built relationships and interacting with the people can help to raise your brand name. Not only this, but it gives an exposure and gain credibility. Social media also help in link building. When a visitor will share your link, this will result in getting a huge number of inbound links. Some of the best social media links include, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc (image via shutterstock).

These are some of the most important tips that will help you to make a SEO friendly website. You should keep all the above tips in mind, if you want to see your website on the top of a Search engine.


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