6 Tips for Designing Attractive Contact Us Page

Attractive Contact forms are the basic necessity of websites. Though they are found far away in a corner of website but their importance cannot be neglected. Your contact forms reflect the whole design of your website and your hospitality also. So, go ahead and try the given below tips to make you contact form in terms of design and navigation(image via shutterstock):

1. Keep it Simple and Easy:


Contact forms are of different types and styles, so keep them simple and easy to use. Some require more information and some require less. It is your job to keep all the fields apart so that the user can focus only on the area he’s trying to fill. Use a lot of whitespace but make sure that the elements look perfectly fine and in right place (image via shutterstock).

2. Choose a Good Contrast Color:


Choosing the right color for your contact form is really necessary. If your contact form is embedded in your background, then there is no need to choose a color for it. However, if you want to make your contact form distinct, choose a different color for its background as well as the boxes in which data is entered (image via shutterstock).

3. Create Attractive Environment:


Encouraging users to contact you is a very tricky thing. Contact form is a place where you can show your hospitality and how friendly your company’s atmosphere is. So, to make you contact from attractive, add some elements around that add creativity to your forms. Provide them with additional info so they can contact you easily. Make use of text and say your words in big typography and cool colors. Don’t stuff up the place. Keep it simple, accessible and attractive at the same time(image via shutterstock).

4. Add a Map:

GPS11 [Converted]

Sites are of different kinds and of different functions but if your website represents a store, a company or a business, then do not forget to add a map. Illustrated maps and integrated Google maps both work well. You can help your customers further by telling them the directions and road maps. It depends on your own creativity how you redirect a person to your office through contact form including maps (image via shutterstock).

5. Theme the Form:


In your contact us page, your contact us form isn’t the only thing on which all these tips could be applied. Every element in the page contributes equally and it depends on how you make use of these elements.  Try to stick to your website’s theme when designing a contact form. Think of something unique and something very different that others haven’t tried. Use only those colors that have been used on other pages (image via shutterstock).

6. Make It Big:


Big contact forms catch a user’s attention within no time. So make sure your contact form has big fields in which the info is entered by the user. Another thing is that big forms give a friendly touch to your website (image via shutterstock).

These were some useful tips for designing attractive contact forms. If you are a designer, then try using different things like guiding through cartoon characters, adding colors to fields, adding remarks, etc.


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