How to Get Free Stock Images from Depositphotos

logoThe quality of photography is indubitable guaranteed because every image in this website’s library has been undergone examination and careful selection. It is of course a solid effort from Depositphotos to provide the best images and build trust from their users at the same time.


So, is there a way for us to get free quality images from here? Yes, of course. Fortunately, Depositphotos has a special program called “Special Offer for Blogger”. This is a kind of sponsorship program which is aimed for bloggers and website owners. If you have an active blog or website, you have a chance to get free subscription for downloading several images in or get free subscription as a prize for contest hold in your website.


All you have to do is promoting Depositphotos in your website by creating interesting article or review about content, features, or everything related to this website. The article must be original and unique plus containing at least one link to this website’s page using appropriate / suitable keywords. The free subscription will be given according to evaluation by the promotion team, considering your website’s number of visitors and page rating according to

If you want to get a free subscription for personal use:

  1. You must contact, including your identity, information, and link to your website or blog where you want to post your promotion article
  2. If you receive a confirmation, you can start writing article or review about Depositphotos on your website
  3. Notify Depositphotos by sending the link of the article for final approval
  4. When everything is okay, Depositphotos will send you promo code for free subscription

If you want to conduct a contest for your website’s visitors, with prize Depositphotos free subscriptions:

  1. You must contact, include your identity, information, and link to your website or blog
  2. Discuss the prize, the terms of your contest, and Depositphotos promotion in the contest
  3. After everything okay and your contest conducted, Depositphotos will give the contest winner free subscription

If you want to get free quality images from and are interested about this program, you can check “special for bloggers” page for more detail information.