How to Understand and Keep coming back your Web Audience?

1. Use of Questionnaires:


One of the best ways to get information about the visitor of your website is the use of questionnaires. Keep the questionnaire simple. Include age, gender, income, education, occupation, location to it.  Design the questionnaire in such a way that it would assist you about the average users of your website (image vis shutterstock)

2. Focus on  ‘Contact Us’ Page:

Contact Us Page

All the websites own Contact us page as it is considered to be the gateway for your clients so that they contact you. This page of your website should contain valid data. Add contact number, e-mail address, Skype address & physical address to this page. In this way you can stay in touch to your customers (image via shutterstock)

3. Technical Support:

Technical Support

Try to monitor all the work done by your technical staff. You can get complete information with different frequent questions asked by your clients (image via shutterstock).

4. Discussion Sessions:

Discussion Sessions

Use different tricks so that you can attract your forum & website clients & customers. You can hold a discussion session. This discussion session will help you to do research on your target audience (image via shutterstock).

5. Comments Made By Your Customers:

Comments By Customers

Customer’s dislike & likes is the best way to judge your audience in a good way. Allow your customers so that they can comment on the pictures, products & on the posts.  Reviews of the customers can help you to make decisions & conclusions (image via shutterstock).

6. Profile Database:

Profile Database

Building of a profile database for the customers is yet another good step. A profile is the best way to express the uniqueness & individuality.  Most if the time this works as a person likes to see his profile in a personalized way (image via shutterstock).

7. Monitor The Ads:

Monitor The Ads

With Ads on the website one can track most popular & targeted audience. Ad is a good way to know about one’s interests & concerns (image via shutterstock).

8. Hiring of  A Dedicated Team:

Dedicated Team

If one is running a large site that site must have a number of visitors & if one is serious in doing research on the target audience, he should hire a dedicated & experienced professional which should be specialized in his field (image via shutterstock).

On the other hand if one owns a small website he can gather the quantitative data himself.

9. Set up Different Goals:

Set up Goals

If one is interested in setting up goals for the site he should consult different analytics site such as Google Analytics (image via shutterstock).

10. Measure The Traffic:

Measure The Traffic

This is the way to know about the visitors of your website per day. And if you are keen to know about the visits per hour you can get this information with the help of different analytical tools. Performance of the website can also be noticed through these tools (image via shutterstock).

11. Competitors Experience:

Competitors Experience

Plethora data would glean off your customers. Some special website can help you to analyze the performance. This way can help only to pinpoint that audience with which you are going to deal with (image via shutterstock).


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