Scotch Tape Portraits: Humorous Photography

Really Cool and Humorous Portraits. Everyone have to see all these portraits.

My Axe Rocks

Clever ideas of photography


Beautiful Hairs


;scotch tapr funny photography


When I Wake up

humorous photographs


Lets Play Eye Game


creative potraits photography


My hat Escapes from this tape


out of the box potraits




amazing potrait photography ideas


Still Selfish


great photography examples


Make Great Portraits of me


amazing photographs


Want to get rid off


amazing potrait examples


Your Last Wish ?


watch man in action


Have a peg

fabolous potraits photography


Helmet Not Enough


funny potraits


Silent Potrait


silence photography


Late For Business Meeting


business meeting potrait


Smoking is injurious for health


smoking potraits


Scotch Tape Rocks


scotch tape rocks


Let Me See You


uncle potrait


Now You looks like my Uncle