Tips for Choosing Backgrounds for your Website

The other reason is backgrounds emphasize on the contents as it is one of the valuable feature of any website. (image via shutterstock)

Here are some tips which one can find useful & which can help to enhance & improve the backgrounds of the website.

1. Use of Textures:

Gerren Lamson

One can find a number of different textures for website background. The range consists of grunge textures to paper textures. While choosing texture keep the design concept in your mind as different textures give different meaning & different impact.

2. Use of Patterns:


Like textures, you can also find a variety of patterns. You can download even patterns for free. There are geometric patterns, floral patterns, heart patterns etc. these patterns come in different colors also.

3. Combination of Patterns & Textures:


Textures & patterns together give a fabulous & attractive look. Depending upon the creativity some websites make full use of the combination of patterns & textures. Overlay of patterns & textures give unique & stunning look to your website. (image via shutterstock)

4. Use illustrations.


Illustrations give a stunning look to your website. Try to create that illustration that describes the site in a proper manner. Illustration is very effective in targeting large audience.

5. Use of Collage:


The pictures that are arranged in a creative manner can also work well for the website. The scrapbook look gives the website personnel. If you give personal touch to your website it will make the website welcoming & inviting to new visitors. Choose those elements that suits to the website.

6. Use of dark Colors:


Different websites uses different color backgrounds. Some uses dark backgrounds while some uses colorful backgrounds. Before choosing the color scheme for your website always keep that in your mind that the text of website should be readable as well as the fonts should be seen clearly.

7. Use of Doodles & Drawings:


Use of drawings & doodles make your website unique. Usage of different drawing in your website will give an extra advantage to your website as it will help a lot to attract the visitors. If you are using colorful sketches it will enhance your website’s beauty.

8. Use of Panoramic Backgrounds:


Panoramic background is yet another good option for you. As panoramic backgrounds features very good elements of image with the help of wide-angle presentation, it gives relaxing & refreshing look to your website.

9. Use Large Images:

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Most of the site use large images as a website background. The trick for it is that always focus on the resolution & quality of image. As each & every step tells about the reliability of your site, try not to use low quality images. The visitors may consider it as your non-professional attitude.  Also focus on the fact that the image should be related to the website’s niche.


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