Create a beautiful Wedding web layout in Adobe Photoshop Cs4

Step 1

(Ctrl+N) and fill your width/height and resolution in pixels. I used width : 1218 px height: 1348 px and obvious Resolution is 72.

Step 2

Yes, this is the simple white background what we selected for our Wedding Layout.

Step 3

Make our Navigation bar First ….
Choose a Rectangle Tool and start working on it first of all create a rectangle on the top of the head with Pink color code : #f27da9

Step 4

Rectangle is ready now go to Filter and add some noises to make rectangle attractive.

Step 5

We added some noise…  Amount : 1.5 percent and Distribution is Uniform.

Step 6

Ohh yea…. Rectangle having some change now It looks cool and better then before .

Step 7

Chose a Line Tool Insert one line below the Header as you can see in the Screenshot below Color code : #b1b0b0

Step 8

Its time to add some links all the links are white but Home we Selected : #525050 – Font : Comfortaa

Step 9

Now in this 9 step we are going to work on Featured Area Lets start….

  1. Your logo (Online Wedding)
  2. Add a cart icon
  3. Add a England Flag icon
  4. Add (Curreny) Font : Euphemia – Color Code : #afadad
  5. Add (USD) Font : Euphemia – Color Code : #656363
  6. Add (Home , Login , Register)  Font Name : Euphemia – Color Code : #afadad

Step 10

Choose a Rectangle Tool and Create a Side Bar Menu Color Code :#efefef & Insert one more rectangle at the top of the Sidebar Menu Color Code : #f27da9 and Add a (Category) Font name : Lane – Narrow Color : #565454 Now Insert menus same Font what we used for Category and Color : #868585 And insert a white below every text as you can see in the picture below.

Step 11

Add 3 Dresses pictures ..

Step 12

Added 3 Dresses pictures .. Below Pictures Create 2 rectangles grey and white as you can see in the image bellow and add a text same font what we used before.

Step 13

Finally your Featured Area Completed 🙂

Step 14

Now in this 14th step we are going to work on Content Area.
First of all create a rectangle color code : #768786 and add text : (Recent Products) font : (Impact)
Add three pictures and below the pictures make rectangles as a background.
Add the price tags Font : (Chaparral Pro) and create a white rectangle and edit it with 1px Stroke and opacity :  14 percent and merge the whole add a cart button then copy it and paste bellow to all pictures 🙂

Step 15

Add some Footer links and add some Social Networks…

Final Result.

[ Download: Wedding Layout PSD ]


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