30+ Cute and adorable logo designs


One of the most essential aspects of Branding is logo design, which should be inspiring and memorable to leave impression on viewer. By Adding mascots, characters or shapes you can make your logo more good looking and memorable as well, which can leave long lasting imoression even if your website is offline or online people still remember you.

Cute Logo Designs

Most of the big brands are having simple and beautiful typography logo designs whilst others more are fun and colourful. However, all logos should be memorable and able to integrate with your website design effortlessly. Today we would like to share with you 30+ Cute and adorable logo designs that we hope will inspire you.

happy paw

tiny t

clever child



baby boutique

two sisters

book club

girls smile

baby bear



brown pink

bah and tweet

pea train

tree top

sweet shop

crocodile  smile



bee happy

loving owl

happy thoughts


love food



miki mia



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  • http://inspiringmesh.com/ zavera

    These are extra cute! I think the most of the big brand designs work best to cater to audiences both young and old. For some reason I feel like the detailed illustrative designs feel more child-like than the simple ones. Thanks for sharing the collection, it’s very inspiring!