30 Photos in motion that will take your breath away

You’ll be surprised to know that in this form of photography, lighting is not as important as the technique that brings on the splash effect. Check out the photos titled, splash zone, fresh, explosion or billiard in motion at  in which Speed, Liquid and Color Splash are at its very best. For your inspiration we have showcased 30 Photos in motion that will take your breath away

Tips for High Speed Photography:

  • Highlight only the background: If you’re shooting water or any such clear liquid, highlight the background using lights, but not the liquid.
  • Learn to throw liquid imaginatively: If you practice hard enough, you’ll soon throw liquid imaginatively so that you get a superb photo of liquid in motion.
  • Shutter speed: 1000/sec was just enough to freeze the motion of a pour.  Adjust ISO and F-stop for correct exposure. Based on your lighting setup.


Splash Zone



bw arabian horse

ride the skies

I’m alive too

inner torment

A Throw of the Dice

Wheels in motion

redhead sexy girl


Billiards in Motion

you make the rain fall

The Red Umbrella


feel the motion


Tea Splash

Action Shot IV

on the alert


Only a Child 1

slow motion moves me

Beyond Your Boundaries

Wild horse

True happiness

Water in Motion II


Motion Blur

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