30+ Origami Artwork That’s Fun but not Easy

There are many types of Origami Artwork for example wet-folding, action origami, Modular origami, Pureland origam, origami tessellations, Kirigami, mathematical origami, technical origami etc. Today we are going to show you 30+ stunning Origami Artwork that’s fun not easy for baby sitters

Origami Swan

Origami Bonsai

3D Origami by Jaxster

origami strawberry cake

3D Origami Owl

Origami Dolphin

Origami Owl

Origami Bull

Togepi – 3D origami

origami dress

Origami Koi

Origami peacock

Origami 2

golden flower

pencil holder



Origami Panda

Peacock – 3D Origami

Origami Tigger

Small Green Swan (3D Origami)

3D Origami Pikachu

Origami Elephant

3D Origami GIR

Superman 3D origami

3D Origami: Swan

3D Origami Kerropi

Hello Kitty – Modular origami

3D origami: Eeyore

3D origami: Winged Tigger


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