30+ Stunning Digital Art Anthro Creatures


Anthro is a fictional character published by DC Comics, presented as the “first boy”, a Cro-Magnon born to Neanderthal parents. By defination An animal with human-like characteristics or technically an animal or a creature that can walk and talk like humans or most common term used these days half human and half animal is “Anthro“. These characteristics separate anthros from humans with cat ears and tail (or something like that). Today we have showcased stunning examples of Anthro digital Artworks.


Birth of a Mermaid

Lackadaisy Cardshark

The Offering

Okami Hill Autumn


Lackadaisy Blueblood

Magician and His Rabbit

Lackadaisy Fuzz-bomb

Panda girl

Cheshire Cat

Ninja Frogs



Zande hunter

Lord Rufus T. Pugsmere

rainy day

.: The Thief :.

Theyain Riyu

Yo ho ho


Yellow mermaid

Warning Cry



The Golden Rose

My Dolphin Girl


Panda Samurai

Problem, Captain?

Eyes of Amon-Re

A Morning Kitty


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    Amazing collection! This digital art is so much attractive……