Top 10 stylish and handy iPhone4 accessories

Music skins is a cellphone accessory website which allows you to create your own phone case. You can choose from pre-selected pictures or upload your own image. Animal lovers could have a picture of their pet on their cellphone skin, while those who love playing casino games like party poker might decide to have a Las Vegas casino theme on theirs. There are plenty of celebrity pictures to choose from too, so no matter what your music taste is, you can have anyone from the likes of Justin Bieber to Bon Jovi on your phone skin.

Elan Passport Wallet for iPhone 4

First thing comes to mind when you buy a mobile is case or a cover. If new mobile is iphone then you need something which offers a little bit more than Apple’s minimalist bumpers then you should consider the Elan Passport Wallet for iPhone 4.

Belkin’s TuneCast Auto LIVE FM Transmitter

An FM Transmitter broadcasts your iPhone’s audio on a radio frequency that your car radio can tune into, so you can listen to your iPod app through your cars stereo. You can also charge your iPhone as you’re doing this, which makes the Belkin TuneCast Autio LIVE FM Transmitter perfect for long journeys.


If you’re a guitarist you’ll love the iRig. You plug into your iPhone’s headphone jack, and connect your guitar cable (and hence, guitar) into the other end. There’s also a headphone jack output on the iRig. It works together with a free app from the App Store for your iPhone/iPod touch/iPad called AmpliTube, which enables you to apply various different guitar effects like Fuzz, Chorus and Wah to your playing. It’s also incredibly easy to use.


In addition to your iPhone 4 you probably have a plethora of electronic devices that need regular charging. With the IDAPT i4, you can charge your new iPhone 4 and pretty much anything else (over 3,500 to be exact) using one universal docking device. It comes with 6 charging tips, but these just pop out and you can slot in different ones that work with other devices to take their place. Importantly it also has a high powered USB port, so you can charge an iPad as well.

Opera S5+ KLEER Digital Wireless Earphones

If you’re looking for wireless earphones for your iPhone 4 then consider the brand new Opera S5+ KLEER Digital Wireless Earphones. In fact they’re so new we haven’t published a review yet (look out for one soon at TechRadar). They deliver better wireless audio quality than Bluetooth headsets; in fact CD quality (16-bit 44.1Khz transmission) is being touted.

In addition the S5+ offers full control of your iPhone via the earphone controls, with volume, forward, back, pause, all available remotely using buttons on the earphones. That means you can keep your iPhone safe in your pocket, or a bag, and change track wirelessly – something that’s not possible using Bluetooth on Apple devices. Battery life is good too, with up to 10 hours playtime on a single charge.

4Gamers Premium Racing Wheel

4Gamers is well-known for the gaming accessories it produces for the likes of the PS3, Xbox, PSP, Nintendo DS and Wii, and its new range of accessories for the iPhone and iPod Touch is an acknowledgement that Apple finally seems to have made a splash in the games market. The range includes some straightforward cases and styli, but this Premium Racing Wheel is a hoot if you’re into racing games. You just slot your iPhone into place and start swaying from side to side as you push the metal to the floor.

Kensington Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit

If you absolutely must use your iPhone when driving then Kensington’s Hands-Free Car Kit will at least ensure you keep your hands on the wheel. The device consists of a Bluetooth-enabled speakerphone unit that clips to the sun visor in your car, allowing you to receive calls while you’re driving. You can also make calls quickly, simply by pressing one of the three programmable speed-dial buttons. The rechargeable battery provides about ten hours of talk-time, but the kit also includes a spare battery that you can slip into your glove-compartment and keep as a back-up.

Plantronics Discovery 975

The Moshi handset is designed for indoor use, so you’ll probably also want a more conventional Bluetooth headset for making calls on the move. The Discovery 975 is a bit more expensive than the average headset, but it’s sleek and stylish, and its WindSmart feature – titter ye not! – is designed to provide good call quality even in gusty outdoor weather. On its own, the Discovery 975 provides a week of standby time and five hours of talk time, but it also includes a handy pocket-sized travelling case with a built-in battery pack that can recharge the headset for another ten hours of talk time.

PowerMonkey Classic 2

The somewhat lumpen PowerMonkey sits a little uncomfortably alongside the sleek, stylish design of the iPhone, but it will earn its keep if you end up with a flat battery when you’re away from home. The PowerMonkey’s 2200mAh capacity is one of the highest I’ve seen in a mobile battery pack, and it gave my iPhone 4 almost a complete recharge, taking the battery right back up to 90 per cent. It can be used with a wide range of other mobile devices too, and includes connectors for the iPhone and iPod, as well as Nokia, Samsung and Sony-Ericsson phones. It also comes with a mains charger plus adaptors for the UK, Europe, US and Australia.

8x manual focus telephoto lens for iPhone 4

Rollei Tele 8x as the iPhone 4 lens is called is a telephoto lens for the iPhone 4 which promisses 8x magnifaction to the original lens. The lens is attached to the iPhone 4 with a special case wrapping the backside of the phone. The Tele 8x is a manual focus lens so you need to turn the focus ring yourself. It is unknown how adding an extra lens will affect the iPhone 4 autofocus.

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