20+ Awesome Illustrator Cartoon Tutorials

Captain Black Spoon

The first step in the creation of the Pirate is to sketch out your ideas for the character onto paper, once you are happy with your design scan the page of your sketchbook into your computer. 150dpi resolution will suffice as the scan is used solely for reference.

Monster Tutorial

This time follow this Adobe Illustrator walkthrough on the creation of a cute little vector monster character, beginning with a quick pencil sketch on paper.

Vector Cat Tutorial

To create really cool image you have to choose the necessary program and to follow certain schedule. If you want to draw some vector illustrations you have to bear in mind that vector-type editors Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw are used for this purpose. However, Photoshop has sufficient funds to draw vector illustrations. I will demonstrate it in this tutorial concerning the outlining the sketch in the vector. I have taken a sketch of a cat as the basis of this illustration. I have decided to depict blue cat with green eyes and pink flowers in its paw.

Bug Tutorial

start with placing a scanned pencil sketch in Illustrator. Go to File > Place and choose the sketch file. I usually use 72 dpi grayscale scans.

Alien Tutorial

start with a flat color drawing in Illustrator. If you’d like to see the techniques for creating a cartoon like this in Illustrator, feel free to check out my cartoon tutorial to see how I create the lines and shadows.

Ninja Tutorial

After opening up Adobe Illustrator, create a new document. For a fun project the size of the document doesn’t matter, Illustrator has a vast area of artboard beyond the document edges that can be used. I personally use the CMYK color mode out of habit and the ease of managing blacks, but a wider range of colours are available with RGB. The choice should really depend on the final outcome of the project; print or web

Monster Tutorial

Start with a sketch placed in Illustrator, then set brush that you are going to use. I open the brush palette. Go to Window > Brushes to open it. When your palette is open, double click on one of the brush styles along the top.

Octopus Tutorial

Today I’m going to animate the eyes, I want them on a separate layer. To create a new layer, use the Create New Layer button on the Layers palette. Once I have my new layer with the eyes on it, I want to duplicate it. To do this, drag the layer onto the New Layer button.

Beaver Vector Character Design

With the digital age of illustration, the efficiency and aesthetic of design has been shaped by the functionality of tools. Though it does provide relief for laborious tasks; we all too often receive a payoff that lacks spontaneity and life. Rather than working rigidly and formulaic, it is more rewarding to produce art in a pliable and organic manner. As an animator, I strive to preserve and push rhythm and flow in design. Let’s review some helpful approaches.

Octopus Monster Character

The final monster cartoon character in the mini series; my favourite – the Green Slimey Monster! Once again, a tutorial that will hopefully be easy enough to follow by Illustrator beginners, with mostly the basic tools and shapes being used.

Cartoon Snail Tutorial

start with placing a scanned pencil sketch in Illustrator. Go to File > Place and choose the sketch file. I usually use 72 dpi grayscale scans. Next, I use the pen tool to trace over my scan. I like to use a color stroked line because it is easier to see. I also close all my paths, so each piece is an individual complete shape.

Fish Vector cartoon tutorial

One of the most popular articles here on Blog.SpoonGraphics is how to create a vector cartoon character from a hand drawn sketch, an Adobe Illustrator tutorial covering the process of creating Captain Blackspoon. Using similar techniques, follow this tutorial to create your own vector character; Freddy the Fish.

Vector Monster Tutorial

Part one of the mini-series covered the creation of the Flying Bat Ghost, now we’ll take a look at the Dumb Blue Sucker Monster! Again, using mostly the basic tools and shapes making the tutorial suitable for beginners to Illustrator.

Flying Ghost Tutorial

It would be cool to create a mini-series of tutorials on how to create a set of simple monster characters. Hopefully these will be easy enough to follow by Illustrator beginners, with mostly the basic tools and shapes being used. Part one of the series will cover the creation of this flying bat ghost type fellow, so to begin launch up Adobe Illustrator.

Funny Octopus Tutorial

In Illustrator it’s really easy to create fun characters with some simple shapes and the Pathfinder Panel. In the following tutorial I will explain how to create a Happy Octopus Character. You can use these techniques and elements to create whatever character you want!

Killer Chainsaw Bunny

This tutorial shows you how I build a Bucket ‘o’ Thought character and add a dynamic background effect. This process can be applied to any sketch you are vectorising. It takes some knowledge and skill with the Pen tool, but gives you ultimate control over your line work. In this tutorial, I will constantly refer to a tools’ quick key, learn your quick keys people, it makes things so much easier!

Cute Bunny cartoon illustration

In this Illustrator tutorial, I will show you how to create a cute bunny character. This tutorial uses simple shapes and gradients that are easy to apply to other character illustrations. The great thing about his tutorial is you don’t have to be an amazing artist to create it


In this article I will explain step-by-step how I’ve designed an attractive character in one of our recent projects, namely for the company “Drunken Monkey Collectibles”. I will review the entire design process, from the first sketches and drafts to the final touches with Adobe Photoshop. In the post you’ll find further references to different articles published in my blog SOSNewbie; you might want to check them out as they cover more details of each phase of the process.

fat cat vector illustration

This tutorial guides you from sketchbook to screen: a “fat cat” doodled with biro and translated into a neat vector caricature. Intermediate knowledge of Adobe Illustrator is recommended.

Moshi Monster in Illustrator

Characters can add a recognizable element to your work. But how do you go from a sketch to finished product? Peskimo walks you through the process.


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