Facebook – A few thoughts [typography]

The stuff below though is mainly just a bit of a cynical rant on how some people use online profiles (status updates / photo uploads / wall posts etc etc – you know the people I mean!) as a bit of a facade – a front, to show off, to tell the world and his dog about just what great things they are upto, how their social life is so much better than yours! and sometimes giving the impression that things are ‘different’ or ‘better’ than they actually are. Why do they do this? I guess its just the basic trait we all have, especially the most insecure amongst us, to want to show off and impress people and try and increase our social standing in the eyes of others and get a bit of self-esteem back!

In the past maybe people wanted to show off by status symbols such as fancy clothes and cars, and other ways we could flash our cash, but now our status symbols are what we post on Facebook!

article inspired by Stuart Hodgson