35+ Beautiful and Well Focused Half Face Portraits


You will be amazed too see that half face portraits are stunning or gorgious same like full face portraits. Thats why Today I want to talk about half face portraits which can be taken with simple photographic equipment by capturing the likeness of a person or a group of two, in which the face and expressions are most important. Often it is desirable to capture the Model’s eyes and half face in sharp focus while allowing other less important elements to be rendered in a soft focus.

Half Face Portraits

Today’s post 35+ Beautiful and Well Focused Half Face Portraits is designed to inspire you to shoot half face portraits with the simple photographic equipment you have, and make the most of your simple lighting setup!



the voice inside


Diary Of A Serial Shooter 2

Smother me


empty spaces

Earth to bella


A Distant Figure


Winter reflections


I see you

british accent

Half Masked

Alice’s World

Want to be my Lollipop

Half face


Protege Moi

The Half Of Me


Half Me

missing by auguria

Beauty in the darkness

Half Self-Portrait

half face

Nobody Knows

Half Face RIGHT

Rose And Candy

photographer half face

Too Close


this is what you get

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    Good designs. Its provokes me to design a portraits like this, brilliant ideas. Thanks

  • http://www.designrdealz.com/ Kbharathbg

    cute girls……:)

  • http://www.designrdealz.com/ Kbharathbg

    cute girls……:)