How to Add Value to Your WordPress Comments

Mostly bloggers use WordPress because setting up a blog with the usage of WordPress is not at all an issue. Another best thing about WordPress is that it is free of cost so it does not matter if you are working on your own blog or if you are maintaining company’s software, you can do it with all ease and without having to pay anything. Also, you get updates, new plug-ins almost every week. Sounds great, isn’t it?

The main reason behind blogging is to get in touch with the community who has similar thoughts as yours. Blogging is a great way to interact with the people on the topics you want. Now, in order to be able to create a community you would obviously need good writing skills so that you can write a good article.

Once article is written, you will need readers, subscribers and obviously among the readers you will have people who will be commenting on your articles. To be honest, making someone comment on your article is not an easy thing as you need to provide them with some really good content in the first place and then you should be able to post good comments on your own for a healthy interaction. Your blog should be a complete package with strong content, beautiful layout and an owner who is very active on his own blog. Following are a few ways to improve your WordPress comments:

Give Readers a Reason to Comment

Always remember one thing that every person who is going to read your article is not bound to comment. A lot of people are the ones who prefer reading the article, on-going discussion and move on. There will be a very few people who will actually comment and even for that you need to engage them in your article. Do not make your article’s ending very simple. Leave room for discussion or you can even ask open questions so that people can comment on your blog.

Controversial Topics

This is indeed a great way to improve your WordPress comments. People are most likely to give their opinion on controversial topics. However, as a writer, you should keep your opinion balanced and not at all biased. Since such topics appear to be very interesting for the readers they are in a way forced to post their opinion as a comment. Such topics will also get a lot of controversial comments but as mentioned earlier, as an owner of the blog, keep your views very moderate.

You will not have to work very hard to get controversial topics as these days, a lot of controversial things are happening around the globe. You can take inspiration from the most controversial thing going on and blog about it. You are bound to get a lot of comments.

Highlight Active Commentator

This is again one of the best ways to get new comments on your blog. You can make a special section on your blog where you can mention the top five commentators of your blog. You can even have a competition sort of thing for the people who are the most active users of your blog. This gives them a reason and a benefit to comment on your blog. However, you will have to face some disadvantages of this as well because people might comment useless stuff just to increase the number of comments. This can be annoying but look at the brighter side; you will get lots and lots of comments.

Replying to Comments is a ‘Must’

Managing comments and replying to them is very important. You do not want people spamming your comment box in anyway. This will annoy the serious readers and commentators. If you will reply to comments, people will realize that you are reading everything and you are active on blog hence making them careful with their comments. It also takes interaction to another level which is very good for building a healthy relationship with the people who comment.

As mentioned earlier, if you go with introducing the competition thing, chances of being spammed gets quite higher. WordPress can help you a lot in avoiding spam messages as it offers free plug-ins for this purpose. Such plug-ins will save a lot of your time since you will not have to do these things manually.

Another great feature of WordPress is that you can moderate all comments from new commentators. Once you approve comments from someone, you will not have to approve comments from the same person.

Encourage Healthy Interaction

Blogs are supposed to create communities and communities are created when the people in those communities are interacting with each other. Make sure that you encourage your users to have a healthy conversation with each other. As an owner, you should promote freedom of speech but as long as it is not hurting anyone. Do not promote hatred and as an administrator you should never sound biased. If there is any heated argument going on, try to cool things down.

An Attractive Design of Comment Area

It is but natural that beautiful things are bound to get attention. Try to design your blog in a very interesting and attractive manner. Also, make sure that your comment box is not only designed well but commenting on it also very easy. Last but not the least, as an owner of the blog, your interaction will mean a lot so try your level best to be as involved in the conversation as you can. People would love to hear from you.

Do-follow Plug-In

This is again a great way to keep your readers involved and engaged in your blog. You can even exchange links with other bloggers to promote your blog. But always keep one thing in mind that you will have to see good and bad of everything because there are pros and cons of everything. Exchanging links might bring a lot of traffic on your blog but you might have to fight spamming as well.


While you are at it, always keep one thing in mind that nothing comes easy. You are not going to increase the amount of comments on your blog overnight. This procedure will take time so you need to show some patience here. Also, understand the fact that not every reader will comment so never ever compare the amount of traffic and amount of comments on your blog.

Apart from this, you need to provide people with some strong content or else it does not matter how fancy your blog is, people just won’t bother commenting. After all, they are coming to your blog to read something which is worth their time. You must have heard of the phrase ‘Content is King’ so it does not matter what you do, you must have strong content on your blog for readers to comment.


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    You are right, the content is always acts as king, Apart from giving really good information, you should also take care of presentation. A proper presentation binds a reader to go through your post.