40 Sexy Print Media Adverts to blow your mind


We are surrounded by advertisements in our everyday lives. To create an advert which get quick attention of every passion person is not easy task. If your adverts doesn’t convey the message what it is for, then it’s useless. So we have collected a nice list of 40 Sexy Print Media Adverts to blow your mind. Lets have a look and give us feed back and stay with us for our further posts..

Sexy Print ads

American Apparel: Fall-Winter

Schweppes: Uma, Lemon

Bianco Footwear: Please stop global warming

Alt for damene: Little Black Dress

Carex Condoms: Fishing

Axe Shower Gel: Cast

Midwest Trader: Mechanic

Victoria’s Secret: Candice

Morphy Richards Epilators: Girl in a saree

Old Khaki Clothing: Three

Betterthanbeer.com: Optical illusion

Reebok: Newspaper

La Senza: The Cup Size Choir

IndyAct: Fox

Schweppes: Uma, Tonic

Viktor Rydberg High School: Cabaret

Anne French: Really sexy skin

New York Fries: Fake

Tervolina Shoes & Accessories: Inconvenient

Omax Lenses: Sea

Max: Girl, 1

Nikon S60: Flat

Mineirinho Zero: Surfers

Old Khaki Clothing: Four

Catwalk: Autumn/Winter

Killer Jeans: Glass aquarium

Amnesty International: Snow White

London Fog: Gisele Bündchen

Clairol: House arrest

Midwest Trader: Hunter

Lenthéric Solo: Fail

Axe Shower Gel: Milk shake

Peugeot GTI: Quickie

Bozzano Foot Deodorant: Escape

Orangina: Lilac

Playboy: Hot teacher

Honda: Masseur

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